Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sister Cropper - July 22

Ola minha familia!
Como via?
Things are really good. We have transfers this week but they have not called us yet to tell us if we are being transferred tomorrow so I have no clue. So I forgot to mention last week but we have a Five Guys here! I really want to go but my companions don't want to spend the money. I'm super super bummed!!! Anyways, I'm really good but always anxious about getting my visa. I hear from the members here that there is some turmoil in Brazil. Don't worry about it though because Sister Huffman told me that they do this all the time. She told me that when they riot it always turns into a party so it's not a big deal.
So some cool stuff that happened was that this last Sunday at church, Ray was there but he left early! Our members weren't talking with him that much and so I was really worried that he wasn't getting enough fellowship. I was so worried that he was going to decide not to investigate! But yesterday we had a lesson with him and we had texted him to confirm the appt. He didn't text back so we called right before the lesson. He said that he just woke up (he works night shift) and he would be there! He got to our church building in like 3 minutes!! It was awesome! We had a really good lesson and watched the restoration video. We found out that he wasn't really praying by himself our about the BOM so we really focused on that! But he is still progressing and coming to church. We didn't even remind him last Sunday.
Stacey is really progressing and it is so so so so so so awesome!!!!!!!!! Last week we had a lesson with her just before we left for 24 hour exchanges in Mount Vernon. We taught the Plan of Salvation and she really loved it. She said that it made sense and that she could she a likeness to the plan and how she parents her children. (We focus a lot on agency and that God has always given us choice. Since the beginning we could choose which path we wanted to follow and he still gives us the choice after this life.) She said it reflected her parenting because she still allows her children to choose but teaches them the principles they need to make correct choices. Sadly she texted us Saturday and said she couldn't come to church!!! We were bummed. She said her friend drove into town unexpectedly and that her friend didn't want to come to church! But she said our meeting this last Monday was still on! So we saw her Monday and it went really well. She was stuck in traffic so our meeting wasn't as long as we wanted. We were planning to teach Gospel of Jesus Christ but we ended up talking about her progression and how she has felt reading the Book of Mormon and meeting with us. She has said that she has felt really good. She mentioned that she is going through a hard time and has felt a little depressed. But since she has met with us, her situation hasn't changed but she has felt so much better and happier!! Also she mentioned that when we had stopped by her house before, she told us that she could've not answered the door but something was leading her to. Also she mentioned that she felt she couldn't say no to us even if she had wanted to! She is a true miracle! It is so great!!
So a sad thing that happened is that we found out that Cathy is moving! She is moving outside our area. We are sad but know that our time is done. She told us though that she is going to make each of us a quilt! Haha, I haven't decided what kind yet.
President Nilsen was in the hospital again last week but we had a specialized training yesterday and Sister Nilsen told us that he is okay but just needs a lot of rest.
Oh and a crazy thing happened last week! We were 2-2-5ing a member's home and stopped at this house. This woman answered and we talked with her. She proceeded to tell us that she doesn't believe that we believe in the same Jesus Christ. She also told us that she would be praying that we would NOT have success! Holy cow was I caught off-guard! We left that woman (probably of the DEVIL) and continued to 2-2-5. I noticed that after about 10 minutes, she came outside of her house and watched us!! Ah! It was crazy. We meet some crazy people.
Oh and mother, for sure we use our scriptures during the lessons! How could you not?! The scriptures say everything better than how we could explain it sometimes. Plus it brings the spirit because the scriptures are truth and the spirit always testifies of truth. 

Hey do you guys know anything about the new dress code for missionaries? I heard something from our APs but they didn't say anything and I tried to look on but it didn't say anything. 

Anyways, love you family! I hope all is well with you. I pray for you almost everyday.
Com amor,

Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - July 22

Dear Family:

So I took what you said to heart mom and Dad and decided to haver a little fun. i also decided that I was in the most touristy place in the mission and i needed to take advantage of that. So right after we left computers last week we went across the street to a flea market to look around. I bought a cool little change purse thing that a lot of missonaries use. After that we called the zone leaders and went with the to Ruby Tuesdays! super crazy, I had a filet migon or whatever which i havent eaten in forever and I had that dessert thing i loved (which I took a picture of) it was amazing. They don't cook meat well in Chile and they don't have dessert like that. Dessert here is fruity things--they don't like sweet. After that we did our shopping and went back home. Today we are going to eat at a place named Waton or something like that (I dont know how to spell it), but it means like "fat" or "gut" or something like that in Spanish. They sell huge hamburgers. Then after that we are going to the famous art museum in Viña. 

This last week was pretty good, we had zone conference last Wednesday so I got a break from doing meetings. I learned a lot of stuff I needed to do better though. We had intrerviews with the president Thursday which was awesome. I LOVE MY MISSION PRESIDENT. Thank you for loving your mission president dad because now I love my mission president. THe interviews were in our apartment so we spent Wednesday cleaning it. He walked in took a look at our apartment and said it was the cleanest apartment he had seen in the mission. THen later in my personal interview with him he said he walked in and immediatly felt the spirit. I felt good about that because that's what I was going for. Elder Haws had his interview, president said it was dumb that he did that but he's good now so end of story with that. During my interview, President asked me if there was anything he could do to help me, and I told him all I need is someone to tell me I'm doing a good job. President knows how to give compliments because he just gushed them out. He said Elder Cropper I wouldn't be lying if I told you that you are one of the best in the mission. He said my drive and desire to always do better are very unique. Answerer to prayer, made me feel better--bam! I have a District meeting this week and I think we will talk about having the spirit, and following the spirit.
The work is well. Our area needs more new investigators but were going to focus on tha this week. President asked me in my interview if we were going to baptise this change and I told him i didnt know and that ovbiously I lacked the faith in the area (he just smiled at me) anways we put two baptism dates yesterday! with twins! they are 10 years old and they are, "for sure" baptisms. After we put the dates with them I felt really good. If you are in a sector with baptismal dates no matter how bad your numbers are you still feel good because your going to have a baptism.
I am trying to relax a lot more. I have this insane drive that everyone comments on and that frankly, I've never seen myself have before. I think a lot of it comes from the anxiety thing. Every week one of my goals I make is be more awesome because i just want to be an awesome missionary. Elder Haws told me that was a little prideful so i will have to think about that I dont know. Anyways I digress, I have this crazy drive but im realizing that It burns me up a little sometimes because I dont have control over some things in the mission. So know im focusing on driving when i need to and being more relaxed when I need to. I think that's why I have Elder Haws because he's super relaxed.

Anyways that's All i got. I took a lot of time today to send pictures so I'll probably avoid that next week so I have more time to write. Good wee--no need to vent.
Love you all
Elder Cropper

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sister Cropper - July 15th

Hello all!
This last week was pretty good. We worked hard and got 10 member presents. Correction from last week but we are leading our district not the zone! I guess I heard wrong! Haha anyways but we got mentioned in the email that goes out to the mission.
So I'll just got through our week cool things that happened:

Monday- For P-day we went to Costco and thrift shopped! I found one new skirt and it is cute. Costco was amazing! It was out of our area but we had a member drive us and we got some food and I bought a bag full of dried mango. It was super good and I'm trying to ration it out so I can save it for a long time.

Tuesday: It was an okay day, I felt like we didn't do much and I was annoyed. Some of our lessons didn't go great like I had wanted. We decided to try something we hadn't done before last minute. We went back to the apartment and made cookies for LAs we hadn't gotten in the door yet. None of them answered! None! So it was a flop but we tried.

Wednesday: We did service for Sister L to help her get ready for the Baby Shower. It was good but she has no AC in her house because she lives in an underground house. It was very hot! It rained really hard that day and we had to drop an investigator. It was Diana and she just was not understanding and had some hangups. She couldn't get over why there was an Apostasy and why a loving God would take away his gospel and priesthood. We tried to explain that man turned away from God and that it wasn't the first time that God had done something like that. A member gave an example of Noah! But Diana would just not get it. Super frustrating but we had to move on. But we taught Ray that night and it was a good lesson. We taught gospel of Jesus Christ. At the end of the lesson, he said he was a little overwhelmed because there are some things that are different from his previous religion. (He was raised as a Jehovah Witness) Thankfully one of our strong members is a former JW!! We're bringing her to our next lesson.

Thursday: We had 3 lessons and they all went really well. Our investigators are progressing and former investigators we have contacted seem that they are more interested.

Friday: Frances!!!!!!! We finally realized and found the source of her hold up. She does believe the BoM is from God but she wants to know more info on the Church especially the beginning. So now next lesson we are watching the 1:20 long version of the JS story. Plus I'm going to give her our heritage. I actually just finished reading it and I think that is why I felt like reading it! Another one of our investigators is Ami and we met with her on Friday. She is a little hard. She says she wants to be baptized but all three of us and the member that went with us to the lesson feel that she really doesn't have that strong desire. We don't want to baptize her unless she really wants this! I keep praying for the spirit of discernment so we can make a correct decision about this.

Saturday: So cool thing, after going to the Baby Shower (which ended up being a flop because Sister L wasn't ready and we were only staying an hour. So we helped her get things ready and then had to leave! Her family is so not supportive because here we are helping her and a member that also came and her whole family didn't help at all! They just sat around!) we went to a member for dinner and discovered that a referral we received was actually in our area! So we went and contacted it after dinner and she is super solid! She wants to raise her daughter in a good church with good morals! We are meeting with her on Wednesday, I think.

Sunday: 4 investigators at church! Wahoo! Ray, Michelle, Molly, and Ami (surprisingly)! Ray said he liked it but was a little confused with all the room changing. Molly and Michelle are solid and want to be baptized. They just have some hurdles to jump over. We need to get them on a more solid date. We also saw a LA yesterday who said that she hadn't let a member of the church come into her home for a while but let us in for some reason!!! Super exciting. We are working with her more and have another appt this Saturday.

Thank you for the package!! I appreciate any mail I receive!! 

I've got to go but I love you all!
Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper (who is getting thinner) - July 15th

Come Estan!!!!!!!!!!
So things this week just got better. I realized last week that my letter probably seemed like I didn't think I was going to make it through the week and I was walking to my death or something. Probably because that's how I felt. Its all good now, I'm just sitting here writing my family with 10 other missionaries, while eating my Super8 that I buy every Monday. This week was really good. I"ll go ahead and go through it.
In the 3 hours of work that we did that day (p day) we had 5 appointments set. That is something I have never seen before. Sadly, almost all of them fell through. We ended up only having 2 lessons that day but, eh, still good. we gave out 2 books as well which is good.
Busy day we have like 5 or 6 lessons which means we walked a lot. We found 2 news that day as well (new investigators).
We had the district meeting in the morning. I taught about getting refrences because that is something the people in our district never do. I showed a video and talked about refrences being the best way for us to find people. I also talked how we need to get our members excited about missionary work so we can do the things the prophet told us to do from the conference thing.
Nothing much happened this day. We had our branch mission work meeting which went well.
We had interchanges this day which was good because I needed to figure out why the Elders numbers had been so low. The ZLs called me Thursday and told me they stopped by their sector (to surprise them) and found them playing basketball. They told me they had handled it and that they were just calling to advise me. They told me on interchanges I should just act like I didnt know (whatever). Elder H and Elder F were in our area and they took out the trash--something like 3 books and 2 new investigators. Elder L was sick while I was in his area so we didn't start working till 6 because of that. At 6 I woke him up from his sick nap thing and told him we were going out to work. I actually found that he was pretty animated about the work. The only reason he told me that they've been having low numbers is because of him being sick. I dont know.
For the next district meeting  next week (because this week we have zone meeting), I'm thinking about doing interviews with them. Elder M, one of the ZLs told me it was a good idea and something he had done once when he was DL. I just want to get to the bottom of it and figure out whats up.
Normal day of work. Had a cool spiritual experience though. It was 9 oclock and we still hadn't given out any books, which is a goal and as DL I need to give out books everyday. Elder H didn't know where to go and I didn't either, so I decided that we should pray and ask where we needed to go to place books. After the prayer I looked up and felt like we needed to go to a certain house on the corner but I just put it out of my head saying it probably wasn't where we needed to go. Elder H went to a house where he felt impressed but the people were very short with us. I then followed him across the street to a house right next to a members house where we ended up placing a book with a kid. I don't know if Elder H felt inspired to go to that house but none the less he went there and we placed a book. We still had time before we needed to go back so I decided that we should go visit some non-progressing investigators. After thinking about this I really felt (spirit) that it would just be a waste of time and that I really just needed to go contact that house on the corner where I felt like I should go right after the prayer. We went and did it and ended up talking to a man who lived there who has two daughters that are members in Santiago. He said he only believed in the Bible but I asked him if he would read a part of the BoM and he said he would. I ended up leaving him with a chapter to read in the bible and the BoM. · Nephi chapter 13 and Matthew chapter 5 (they are the same). None the less, good spiritual experience. It's interesting how soft the Spirit speaks, a feeling and thats it.
Church which went well. We had on investigator attend Church with us but he's not married so he can't get baptized until that happens.
Anyways so that was my week. This week like I said we have zone meeting and we have interviews with President on Friday. Elder H never had that interview with President because President canceled, but he will have it on Friday so all is good.
gotta go im 4 min over ahhhhh
Love you all
Elder Cropper

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sister Cropper - July 8th

Oi minha familia!
This week has been a great week! Totally awesome. We gave gotten so much work done. Our zone leaders called us today and said that we are leading the zone. They said we are doing better than anyone else. We have been teaching so much that we don't have time to find our visit LAs. We are exceeding our goals with other stuff but with RCLAs (recent converts and less-actives) we are falling behind. All of our investigators we are teaching are those we have either found or former investigators.
So on July 4th we didn't get to do that much. We proselyted during the day and then had dinner at a member's home with one of our investigators. We left after about an hour to go back to work and then went home at 9:00. We didn't get to see any fireworks :( it was a little sad but as a missionary we can't really do that kind of stuff unless our investigator is going to be there or we can have a purpose along with the activity. I wish we were lucky like the missionaries in your area but it is how it is!
So we had two miracles this week!!!!!!!!!!! First is Stacey. So a member in our ward told us about a former investigator and he told us that we should go visit them. They weren't in our 2-2-5 book so it was really good he told us to go visit them. Well we stopped by a few weeks ago and this young woman answered the door. We used this new approach on her and she was interested in learning more and we got a return appt. So we had the lesson with her this last Tuesday!!!!!!! It was the best lesson we've taught as a companionship so far. We taught the restoration and it flowed and was very applicable to her. The spirit was strong when Sister S. shared the First Vision. The great thing is that Stacey felt it as well. She told us that she has been looking for a church but wanted to raise her two daughters in a strong church with good morals. She said she has been praying for a new church and recognized that our stopping by was from God. This woman was not the former investigator that the member told us to stop by but obviously it was inspired by our Heavenly Father. We extended baptism like always and she said yes! Now we just need to extend a date and she will be awesome!
So the other miracle is our investigator Ray!! Holy cow! So we were trying to find a former and the elders before us did not write their address except for the street! Well it turned out that they moved but we ended up meeting Ray and Daniel. Well Daniel ended up not being interested but Ray said he would meet with us. Well we met with him a few weeks ago. We taught the Restoration and it was good. He is kind of interesting and doesn't say much. When we would ask him questions, he would smile and then answer. He was a little hard to read and we weren't entirely sure how interested he was. But he said he would be baptized if he knew that this was true. So we finally got to meet up with him yesterday! He had rescheduled our appt with him and on the phone was hesitant. So when we called yesterday to confirm, he said he would be there and that he read! When we pulled up he was already sitting outside with chairs ready and reading the BoM. We taught the plan of salvation and he was a lot more open and asked questions about it. We extended a date and he said he would have to think about it. We testified that he was ready and that the Lord had prepared him. He also said he would come to church when we invited him! We were all shocked that he is interested and we are super excited to teach him this Wednesday

Anyways, it has been a great week! I love you all and pray for you. 

Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - July 8th

Dear Family:

Yeah so this week was pretty crazy. Ugh it all started out on a happy Tuesday morning last week while I was studying Spanish. The assistants called my companion Elder B and asked him to serve as a District Leader next change, and as a trainor. I was super excited for him and was turning back to my Spanish when I heard the assistant say, "Puede pasarme a Elder Cropper," which just means "can you pass me to Elder Cropper," anyways, he then preceded to call me to the position of district leader in the mission. It was actually kind of funny because the first thing I said to him was "oh no," he started laughing and then asked me if I accepted. I told him that if God had called me to be a district leader then I accept. He told me that God had called me to be a district leader and that as a DL I needed to be an example to everyone. Anyways, the conversation ended and I went and said a prayer--that's about it. Now obviously I was very nervous but we knew that Elder B would be DL, and I would be too, we just didn't know who would stay or go. If I had stayed I would have known my whole area, all my investigators, and my district. If I went I wouldn't know anything, plus it would be my first transfer in the mission. Well they called us again Wednesday morning and said I was leaving and Elder B was staying...ugh...just talking about makes me remember how nervous I was.
We went to the transfer meeting early because Elder B had a speacial training meeting for trainors. I went tracting during this time in Viña with another elder there. He has one more change than me (extra 6 weeks). Changes are transfers. Anyways, we were doing contacts and he was correcting me on a lot of technique things like "try to do your contact this way," or "try not to go into the gospel so fast." Yah know--because he has one more change than me so he has a little more experience. I welcomed the criticism but I thought it would be funny if he ended up in my district and I would have to start giving him advice on contacts and so forth. Anyways, we had transfer meeting and President called my name and said "Elder Cropper usted va a servir en Forestal B con Elder H, Elder Cropper como Lider De Distrito," and that was it thats the way transfers work. Elder H, and I hugged and walked out. I asked him how much time he had in the mission and he told me 4.5 months and then he asked me how much time I had and I told him 3 months, he probably thought I was joking at first but none the less I said "take me to our area." I serve in the city of Viña Del Mar now--the heart of the mission where President lives, where the mission home and office are. My zone in the mission is also Viña Del Mar. I serve in the branch Forestal with Elder H. Our area is divided with the Zone Leaders they are in our branch as well. Elder H is 19 and he is a good missionary. I have lots to say about my experience with him so we will start now. Elder H is struggling. He has never taught a lesson by himself, is Spanish is very rusty. His last companion and trainor wouldn't really let him take the lead so he is struggling. 
My area--let's talk about that for awhile. My area hasn't had a baptism in 2 changes or 3 months. And before that like half a year or maybe more. They have been working with the same investigators for the last 6 weeks but they have not been progressing. When I came to the area I asked my companion if they had any set appointments for the next couple of days. He told me "no," which is crazy because I left Las Americas with at least 4 appoiuntments everyday for the next 4 days, and then he told me that his past companion didn't really like to make set appointments. He told me his companion just liked to get numbers so they would past by the same people everyday. I then told him we would then fill our agendas with people to visit from the ward (members) menos activos and people that are our investigtors. he said that he didn't know who to visit and that his companion had always done everything.  
I apologize for all the venting but it will end shortly.
So basically, my companion is struggling, my area has not been worked for 4.5 months so we're basically starting from scratch. and... my district is the lowest baptising mission in the mission, or at least it was. And on top of everything I don't speak Spanish 100 percent, I don't have much time in the mission, and I am the youngest district leader thats ever been called in probably mission history.
So what do you do when everything sucks and you dont think you can do it? Well first of all you say a prayer, then you recognize that you've been called of God to fix all this mess, and then you go fix it. Ugh it's very hard. It was very difficult last week with my first district meeting and all. I felt like an ox on the pioneer trail just puting one foot in front of the other even though you want to give up every second. Ugh--it was horrible, it's just horrible thinking about it.
Ok enough of tha--now things are getting fixed. We've worked hard the last few days which has made Elder H happy because he actually feels like we are doing something. Some Elders in my district are going to have a baptism this next week so that fixs that. I think things will turn out all right in the end.
Even with all the changes and Elder H telling me he's glad I'm here and I'm called of God to fix this area, he still hasn't been all there. Well I figured it out the other day thanks to the Spirit. We were having a companion study and I read a scripture about being worthy to live with God. Right after I read it, the Spirit told me to wait 30 seconds and then ask Elder H if he was worthy to be on a mission. So I did just that. It was a long 30 seconds and Elder H just sat there reading the scripture and thinking. I asked him if he was worthy to be on a mission and he took a big sigh and said no. Supposedly,  something had happened the week before his mission. He wasn't sure if he needed to go to president so I invited him to tell me what had happened. It was a large chastity issue so I handed the phone and told him to call president. Hopefully he can get an appointment with president today. I don't know if he will stay or go. It was a big enough issue that I can't put a guess on it, but it's president's decision anyways. So anyways add this to the list of crap that Elder Cropper had to deal with.
The moral of this week is that Heavenly Father calls you to do hard things like be a district leader in your 3rd change, and you think "Well-wow-I don't feel ready but ok." Then Heavenly Father adds more difficulties like a companion who is having problems or a new area, or a branch that is not very strong, or an area that doesn't have a stable missionary work foundation, and you say, "Woh-wait-I wasn't sure I could even do the first thing and now you want me to do all of this other stuff?" That's basically how I feel right now, but it's ok, because just like the ox--I move one foot at a time and eventually I'll find myself in the Salt Lake Valley or something like that where I can take a break.
I'm doing good but I've been better, I will feel less nervous as time goes on. 
Hope you guys have a good week, Thanks for all the letters. Please say prayers for me that I will be able to figure it all out.
Love you all,
Elder Cropper

Thursday, July 4, 2013

We Received This Today From Elder Cropper's Mission President

Dear Cropper Family,

It is a pleasure for me to greet you and to inform you that your son, Elder Samuel P. Cropper has been assigned to serve as a District Leader in the Chile Vina del Mar Mission. He has demonstrated a sincere desire to serve the Lord while sharing the gospel, and he has diligently set forth a good example to his companions. His responsibilities have increased along with his opportunity to help others.

I thank you for raising your son in such a dedicated way and pray that our Heavenly Father may bless your family while your son serves in this great work.

Federico M. Kähnlein
Mission President
Chile Vina del Mar Mission

We figure Elder Cropper is either very excited or completely overwhelmed by this new assignment. Haha! Or both.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sister Cropper - July 1, 2013

Ah Family!! Love you lots!!!
Also I am so proud of your mission plans!! Father- I could not be prouder. It sounds like you are really implementing missionary work into the wards and working hard!!!! Mom- Your plan sounds great and it is awesome to see you and dad working together on a plan! Anne and Michael- Awesome! I'm so proud you are listening to the Missionary Training. Way to be!!!!

This week has been really great! First off with some exciting news!!!! We have someone on date!!!
Her name is Michelle and we invited her to be baptized last week with the date of July 20. But that was going to be hard for her so we prayed about a new date and invited her to be baptized August 10! She accepted!!!!!!!! Then after that great lesson on Thursday, we were walking over to see a LA and he turned out not to be there but his brother was, Shawn. Shawn is also LA and said that it was a miracle we came by. He said that he has been struggling with his two jobs (feeling overwhelmed) and is now taking care of his son who is 10 years old. So he said that he really needs a Priesthood blessing and just said how he really needs our help and was super excited to see us! Two miracles in one night!!!
Also we had a little miracle with our investigator Francis! She said that once she reacives a witness that the Book of Mormon is true, she will come to church and be baptized!! She has come such a long way. It is awesome to see it. She really has become a better person and even her husband has noticed it!
So I hate to complain about my one companion again but I have been doing more service for her to learn charity and to love her more. I will keep doing service but man alive, I don't understand her. She doesn't help Sister H and I when we bring in groceries, she doesn't help when we make breakfast for our investigators, she doesn't help us plan, she just doesn't do much! I am studying a lot about patience and charity. It is helping a bit!
So we also have been teaching this man named John. He is super interesting but man is he weird. He has several hang ups about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He thinks JS took James 1:5 out of context. I have no clue why he thinks that or what it is a problem. We tried to explain to him that the scripture meant something personal to JS. Also John thinks the Bom contradictes the Bible. For example Alma 7:10. It talks about Christ being born in Jerusalem. He also said that he doesn't understand how the lamanites are the ancestors to the Native Americans because they disproved it with DNA evidence. And the last question he had is about Deutermony 18:22. It says if a prophet has a prophesy and that it hasn't happened yet then that prophet is a false prophet. He referred to JS's prophecy that a temple would be built in Missouri but it hasn't. I told him that the grounds have been dedicated but there is not temple built yet. John looked up all this stuff on the internet. He is a tricky fellow. So if you could give me some advice on how to answer his questions, that would be great! We don't have a set appt with him yet because he is going out of town this week.
So I gave a talk yesterday! I based my talk off of the GC talk given by President Monson at the Priesthood session. I talked about how the member's are the best to find people and their finding is more effective. I really was bold and pushed for their help. I bore my testimony in Portuguese. Several members told me my talk was excellent. I just bore to them that this work is amazing and that it is so important. 

Ma could you send me my orange shirt. That is the only one I can remember that I didn't take. Also can I order a small Portuguese PMG? It is 4.00 dollars. 
Also I can print off emails!
Anyways I am out of time!! Love you!!

Take care,
Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - July 1st

Hey family! 

Thanks for the letters! 

Good week we had a baptism!!!! Paula the wife of Antonio the man who was baptised a month ago go baptised, and I performed the ordinance! in Spanish! and I didnt mess up! Answer to prayer, people, phew. 

Awesome stuff so the number is now at 5. 5 people that Elder Cropper has helped into the kingdom of God. Or better yet, begin the journy towards the kingdom of God because we learn in 2 nephi 31:17 that baptism is the gate by which we should enter, good stuff--love it.

So we have changes this week, so I might be writing to you guys from a different spot in the mission next week. If I had a choice I would serve in Valparaiso. Elder B served there for awhile and he loved it. Its the most touristy place in the mission which was cool. Anyways I would love to serve there but we will see. The zone leaders played a joke on me a pretended like they had the change information today instead of wednesday. They said to me on the phone. "Elder Cropper You are...staying......close to my heart.....because your going!!!!" and then they said they were just kidding. Usually they will just say your going or your staying like that phrase in Spanish but sometimes its fun to mess with people. Another good one that they say is. "Elder you are pack the things of your companion because he is leaving!" Anyways all jokes I dont know if Im leaving or staying but I will wednesday.

Mary- You rock, love you, your the best sister missionary in the world. When in doubt testify. If someone anwsers back to your "families are forever" thing just testify, and don't be afraid to cut them which basically means ask the things mom and dad gave you, but when I don't know what to do I testify. No one can argue with it and the spirt comes
--so yeah. you rock!

Ok well i got to go Love you guys and I will talk to you next week. 


Elder Cropper

Rockin it in Chile!