Monday, August 26, 2013

Elder Cropper - August 26th

Dear Family:

well I have a whole 12 minutes to write you guys!

I had a ton of stuff to report in my letter to preisdent, and other things as ZL. By the time I had finished doing all of it I had lost an hour of my times. I only read Mom and Dads letter, everyone else I just took pictures of it and will read it later. 

I had a good week this week. Got the best numbers ive ever gotton in the mission. I realized that the most important thing as being a ZL is example and interchanges. Elder Larsen does these really well which helps me. There are however some administration things we can do better so I brought those things to the table today and we made some changes on how were going to run things and recieve updates. I think it will really work out.

Supposibly this week they are going to have a speacil training for the new 5 Zls which would inculde me. I am super exicted to go they said it will probably be thursday in viña. The only annoying thing is i would have to go in bus down there. Its an 8 hour trip which forever....woh computers freaking out. there we go. Anyways Im excited for that. wjay else...Yesterday we did a stake training session with all the ward leaders to train them how to do their job. Our job as Zls (there were 4 of us because our stake has 2 zones) was to just show numbers and then the stake guys were going to do the training. It stunk and next time they should have missionaries do it. We are much better about talking about missionary work then chilean members are. well minus the bishops and the stake president. 

I actually havent worked on my application at all. Ill have to start getting on that. When do you need it by. By the way dont expect me to send things to you guys ever because its like impossible in chile. I have to go to a store to do it and they have like 1 in the whole city of 1 million people. Plus they are all curropt suposibly which is why the mission gives out its mail and doesnt use the countires system. 

Well sorry for the short letter but thats all i got. Ill read all of your letters thi9s week and have more to say next time. Love you all! = )!

Elder Cropper

Sister Cropper - August 26th She's Headed For Brazil!!

Dear Family:

So super exciting week! 

Tuesday- President called during personal study. I answered the phone and he said "Sister Cropper, the long wait is over." Immediately when I heard him say long, I said NO and began crying! I cannot believe that I have my visa. I was, at first, very sad to leave and did not want to go. But now, I'm booming with excitement. I cannot wait! I get teary-eyed thinking about being there. I am so excited but also sad to think that my time in Ohio is done. I am really sad to leave the Sisters that I have met and become friends with and to leave my mission president and his wife. It makes me very sad! I just want to move this mission to the other one. 

So anyways, this week was good. I'm trying to get more language study in. The funny thing is, is that I didn't have any language study the week before. We were getting ready for the baptism and my mind was on other things so I haven't had language study in a while. I'm praying in Portuguese and I'm doing as much language study as I can. I am also going to get together with Sister Huffman again this week. 

So very sad but Stacey dropped us yesterday!! We met with her last thursday and she felt very pushed with the baptismal date SHE had decided so we said okay, no date. She said she was coming to church and that she would come to a baptism (the member that came with us was having her daughter baptized on sunday). We texted Stacey the night before and reminded her of church. She said she'll be there. Well she didn't show up yesterday and she didn't come to the baptism! We got a text later last night that said she wanted to take a break from us and asked us not to come by. We told her that we were sad because we knew that this would help her life and asked her what we did wrong or why she decided to have us stop coming. She still hasn't texted us back. 

Though it is very exciting because Patrick and Michelle are now on a solid solid solid solid date for the wedding and their baptism. Wedding is on the 7th and the baptism is on the 14th. One of his daughters is interested in taking the lessons and agreed to a soft baptism!! 

I've heard about the new temple video!! I really want to see it but I'm not sure when I will get to go. I miss the temple. Our ward mission leader told us that he cried during it! 

One cool thing is, is that we were very bold (I was specifically) with a LA. We asked him if he wanted to get to the temple and he said yes. I asked him what he needed to do to get there. He said come to church and quit smoking. At the time, he had his coffee sitting next to him and his cigarettes also there. I told him, "well, let's pour out your coffee, give me your cigarettes, lighter, and ask tray." He did all three! After we left, we destroyed the cigarettes and threw away everything. He still didn't come to church but we are moving along with him. 

Well I am out of time but I have some things that I would like to have before Ieave America next week! 

- Journal (I need another one of my journals I bought. I am getting close to finishing up this one)
- Make-up (I would like to have some just in case I can't find make-up in Brazil!)
- My turquoise bag (I am getting sick of carrying my big bag around. It is too big and I don't carry that much stuff and I will carry less in brazil) Plus I don't want to carry a big bag in brazil because people may think I am carrying important stuff and will be more prone to steal from me.

Also DAD, SAM, AND MICHAEL: All of you have learned a language. Advice please! I am so nervous about that. I am not nervous of going to a different country. I'm freaking out about the language because I know it will be hard and it will take a lot of patience. 

Family, I love you all and cannot wait to talk with you next Monday!!! 

So you have it, my address in Brazil:
Sister Mary Cropper
Brazil Curitiba Mission
Praca Joseph Smith
15 Portao 
80613-991 Curitiba - PR
That is for mail and packages! 

Com amor,

Sister Cropper 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sister Cropper - August 19th

Dear Family:

So my goodness! This week, a lot of things happened!
Everything is fine with Ray, we passed him off to the Elders. But we found out yesterday at church that they haven't contacted him yet. Lamo Elders in our district. They also haven't contacted a referral yet either!
So Molly WAS baptized! It was a wonderful baptism and very spiritual. I sang at it because Molly asked me to and after the Bishop informed me I would also be singing during Sacrament Meeting as well. Haha. I sang the primary hymn, Where Love Is. I received several compliments.
So on Monday we did exchanges with our Sister Training Leader. My other companions went to her area and I stayed in Westerville with her. She told me the reason we were having the exchanges was because in zone training meeting (or whatever) they were discussing that they needed more Sister Training Leaders and that my name came up from several people! So she said that the reason for the exchanges was to talk to me about it and stuff. She said that they weren't sure if they would call me because I am waiting for my visa but I guess I will find out soon! Really exciting. I told her I would love the challenge of being a sister training leader.
We also had a specialized training meeting on Tuesday which was great! I love getting training because it gives us knew ideas and helps us know what more we can do to be better missionaries. We also have a sisters specialized training this next Thursday!
So investigators are going well. But we are struggling to keep them on a solid baptismal date. We are worried that Patrick's desire to be baptized is just for Michelle so we are talking to him this week. And the wedding won't work for the evening of September 3rd so we might have to push that and the baptismal date back. We talked to Stacey last night and she seemed a little different. She has been stressed out because she is a single mom and she has two daughters. She hasn't been reading the BoM but has been reading the manual from Gospel Principles. We have a meeting with her this next thursday.
We got three new gators this week. Two are friends of this YM in our ward! Super cool and they came to church yesterday! Our other investigator is Brandon Moody. He is very moody. He didn't come to church because he was out of town.
The bugs bite us here SO bad! I have many bites on my legs. I would use bug spray but I don't want to smell nasty all the time. 

Love you all very much! I am happy but I know will be happier in Brazil!
Com amor,
Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - August 19th. Nice Long Letter!

Dear Family:
well certainly a crazy week. first I’ll start out with the week.


Elder H and I had a sweet NDH (FHE) with a family. We brought a lot of members from the word to visit with them. I think it went really well. 


We had an awesome lunch with our mamita (lady who washes our clothes) She is very rich because her husband is a doctor. She is such a nice person since she really washes our clothes well and irons them that I suggested we buy her flowers and write her a card. We bought her her favorite flower and wrote her a card (using the ones Shalise gave me so thanks for that) During dinner there was a huge fire in Viña, a gas station caught fire and they were super worried about it. We went up to the roof of her building to go look at it. Nothing crazy happened, nobody died either which was good. After that we laid in the sun for a bit on top of her building. It was a nice day.


By far the most uninteresting day of the week. Usually if you are getting a new assignment they call you on Tuesday. My old ZLs told me that had recommended me over Elder J the other DL to be ZL. But I didn't get the call so I assumed Elder H would leave (because he had a ton of time in the area) And I would go. Wednesday morning they called me (in the shower) to give us changes. They told us we were both leaving (white washing our area) I felt pretty bad about this because I had felt like I had failed and that’s why they were whitewashing it. I also felt like I had Failed as DL because they were going to move me (not unheard of to get moved as DL but usually you stay in the same area) Nonetheless we continued with our day, we left to go to Viña centro to get my Carnet (license) which just shows I have a visa and am legal. While we were walking down the road president gave me a call, which made my heart beat like a million times per hour. He told me that God had called me to be one of the Zone Leaders in the mission, and said that even though I was very young in the mission he knew i could do it, and he felt that I was a natural leader and that’s why I was being called so early. Well--it was nice because I wasn't as nervous as when I was called  to be a DL. I told president I accepted and then asked him for advice, I think he told me to baptize or something like that.

Anyways, we came home and packed our stuff because we would both be leaving. Said goodbye to some members, it was sad to leave, I liked that ward, then we went to the change meeting. President was sick and was not in the change meeting so his second counselor did the changes. I already knew I was going to one of the Zones in the north because the assistants called to tell me I was and that I needed to put my bags in a certain place. At the change meeting Elder T, one of the assistants and also my grandpa in the mission (just means he trained Elder P) came up and congratulated me and asked me if i was excited and ready for La Serena. Lol the dude told me where I was going before the change meeting even began. He felt bad that he messed up and told me, but he later told me he was super excited because I’m like his grandson and I was going to be a ZL, and starting in the zone where he started as ZL a year ago. All mission family stuff. Anyways, I got to see all of my friends which was nice. Elder S and Elder H, elders from my MTC group, got called to be District Leaders and train this change which is super cool, More difficult than the situation I was in. Elder S and I never got along in the MTC but I still went up to congratulate him. I asked him if he wanted any advice just to be silly and he gave me this really weird look. I don’t think he knew I had already been a DL. Anyways, I didn't want to just tell him right out so I just laughed it off and told him he do a great job, whatever. 

Anyways, after the change meeting I got on the bus to the North. La Serena is 8 hours away from Viña. The rumor is that president only puts missionaries he can trust in the north. I didn't think that was true at first but every missionary in my zone is like rock solid so Idk. I guess it would make sense I mean we are super far away from president. I rode on the bus with my best friend Elder R (he is also my grandp, he finished Elder P’s training in the mission) He goes home at the end of this change but we are best buds. I also chatted with a completely new missionary who was coming to my zone. Ugh he’s a boss I am recommending him for DL the second they ask me for one.


we arrived early that morning into La serena. There were a ton of missionaries there because La Serena has two zones. My zone is La Serena the other is La Serena Norte. La Serena means the “serene” or however you spell that. It’s a vacation spot and is really pretty. I work in the center of downtown which is awesome. It looks a lot like Germany in certain places. Lots of cool buildings and Catholic churches. My companions name is Elder L. He grew up in Florida in a city north of Orlando, but now his family lives in Utah. It was cool to talk with him because he actually knew he would be training me as Zone Leader like 2 weeks ago. Every month Zone leaders and Sister Training leaders go south or just go to Viña to have a meeting that’s just called mission council or something like that. That’s where president talks about new rules or protocals, and he gives a message. Elder Larsen said that during a break during this meeting president pulled him aside and told him he would be training a VERY young Zone Leader but that he knew Elder Larsen was the right person to do it. he told him that he felt together we would accomplish great things. Anyways kind of cool to know that all of it had actually been decided weeks in advance. Elder Larsen came in the same group as Elder P and Elder B. That means of my 4 companions 3 have been from the same MTC group. Obviously I need to learn something from that group. Thursday we just worked.


We had our first Zone Meeting this day. Its the most stressfull part of the month for Zone leaders. It’s the one meeting that we are in charge of and its super long. Basically for Zone class we present what president presented to us in the Mission council this month. I had not been to this meeting obviously because I was a new ZL so It was pretty difficult. None the less, I still think the meeting went really well and I felt like presented at least half of the thing. Another funny thing that happened that day was we helped this drunk guy. There was one drunk man helping another more drunk man to a Hogar de Cristo which means house of Christ. It’s basically just a homeless shelter. We helped both of them get there and then got into a bible bash with some people there. Elder L likes to bible bash. I struggle with it because it wastes time. He says he likes it because we are defending the faith. Who cares about defending the faith when people aren’t going to listen. 


Saturday we had that awesome breakfast with our American ward mission leader. he works for a company that’s basically owned by the church. Its that huge farming company. This company has a ton of property in Chile so he lives there with his wife. He speaks Spanish but his wife doesn't. Saturday morning we always have our weekly meeting, and they make us breakfast. They are super nice, but they don’t treat us like there children. They are super polite and don't ask to much about our lives. THey are a little weird. I wish they would kind of treat us like their kids (the other elders do too) I mean we are the only Americans for miles. Breakfast was super good but there wasn't enough of it so ugh dang.


Went to church, felt the spirit, good stuff.

So that’s my week, it was pretty eventful. Well my goal as district leader was to figure out how to be the best district leader. As Zone leader its very different, and I really feel like we don't do very much. I have presented a number of ideas to Elder L of things we could do but he always doesn't really want to get on board with them or shoots them down because he says that the DLs job. A lot of the things I present are things my old ZLs did. I don’t know, I just feel like we don't do very much. I also am realizing that I was a very different DL then another people. I called my district every night, got numbers every night, and tracked all of it on paper. I would also call the ZLs every night and give an update and pass off numbers. Our district leaders sometimes don’t call us every night and they deffinatly don’t pass off numbers. Its just all so different. I’ll just have to observe more this week and if i really feel like the things i want to do need to be done I’ll just do them, even if Elder L doesn’t want to get on board. I struggle with Elder L sometimes because he’s just crazy obedient. He’s not very funny so I am not really having a good time with him. he also doesn’t like talking after 11 (when we are supposed to be in bed) because of that I don’t feel like I know him that well. He’s got kind of a dry sense of humor, for example he just started laughing because his dad told him he had to get a colon scan. I don’t know--we will see what happens. I probably just need to serve him more. I really don’t want companion issues this change. 



rock the zone leader and figure out how to do it perfectly. (dad) id like to know what you did as let me know.

Don’t have companion issues and become close with Elder L.

Thats all i got for this week. 

You all rock love ya.

Elder Cropper


This is a nice message from the Ward Mission Leader in La Serena, Chile

Hello Families!
Springtime is coming, ready or not. The early blooming trees are already in full flower. It's overcast today, so it doesn't look like we will get out of the 50s. We regularly see the mid 60s in the sunshine.

I am the Ward Mission Leader of the La Serena 1st Ward. We have some new missionaries here in our ward. I try to send an email when new missionaries arrive, so you can see how your son is doing and know where he is.

From left to right in the photo...

Elder Cropper from Bettendorf, IA. He arrived this past Tuesday (transfer day) in the wee hours.

Elder Larsen from Draper, UT (companion to E. Cropper). Elder Larsen has been with us for several weeks. Sorry, but I think I may have missed sending an email when he arrived.

Elder Newbold from West Jordan, UT. He arrived in company with Elder Cropper and others (for nearby wards) on Tuesday.

Elder Pickett from Oceanside, CA, who arrived a couple of weeks back, when I was out of the country.

Don't they look great? They are all doing well. We are glad to have them here with us.

This picture is just before missionary coordination meeting. We meet in my home each Saturday morning, and provide cooked breakfast afterwards to make it worthwhile. This morning, a dozen eggs, a pound of bacon, toast, potatoes and juice. They can really put it away!

La Serena, Chile has an adjoining city called Coquimbo. The two cities combined have a population of about 500,000. That means we have several Walmarts (called Lider here), 2 McDonald's, a Subway Sandwich, a Pizza Hut, and all the local fooderies too. It wouldn't surprise you to know that the fast food is adjusted for local taste preferences (>sigh< not really the taste of home).

It's a blessing to associate with your son in the missionary work.

Mike (and Kelly) Thompson

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sister Cropper - August 12

Dear Family:

Well this week has been pretty good. A little weird and frustrating. Our numbers were good but they could've been better.
We tried to kill it with hair spray. Didn't work.
So we decided as a companionship to be exactly obedient. We wanted to do everything to the tee! We were obedient but we weren't all done with our breakfast by 8:00, some companions weren't in bed by 10:30, and other things. So we really wanted to try our best! Because you know what they say, obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles. So we started thaton Saturday night and we were all in bed! It was great. At church, our investigator Michelle informed us that she and her fiance were talking and decided that they wanted to both be baptized on the same day! So we got a new investigator, two on a solid date (for baptism), and a miracle! Michelle had told us earlier in the week that she probably was going to need to push back the date so I'm very grateful for this miracle.
Stacey's a bummer though. She didn't show up at church and didn't text us back till last night. She said she had gone down to her parent's and wasn't there and that next week she'll be gone. Then she told us that she can't meet with us this next week because things are too busy. ARG! So that is extremely frustrating and worrisome. But she said she was okay and just busy with life this week. She promised us that we can see her three times next week. Hopefully things work out because we are keeping her on date.
So we have a little problem with Ray. We've been really focusing on our lessons with him on recognizing the spirit. We challenged him this last time to pray fervently and write down impressions that he gets right after the prayer and then pray again for confirmation of those impressions. (That was said by the member) So we ended up seeing him on Saturday at a Baptism and we asked him if he had done it and if he got his answer. He said he didn't want to tell us right then but said after church on Sunday. SO yesterday we were talking with him after church and he starts talking about imprinting. He asked us if we knew what that was and I knew it was mentioned in Twilight. After he said that I knew this wasn't going to go well. Then he told us that he prayed and felt he got the impression that he needed to leave home and get a new job (he isn't happy with home life.) Then he proceeded to say that he layed down to go to sleep and had this pounding in his heart and said he had a thought come to his mind that he needed to get married. He then said maybe the reason we met him is because he is suppose to marry one of us. We told him that we can't marry him and tried to help him understand that that wasn't from God (in a very nice way). OH MY GOODNESS, TALK ABOUT AWKWARD. I don't really want to teach him anymore. I don't really understand his intentions and if he really wants to know that this church is true. Plus this is just extremely awkward and weird now.
But happier side! Molly is getting baptized!!! Wahoo! My first baptism! Very exciting and I cannot wait. We have the baptism all planned out.
So this week was a little tough for me again. I, for some reason, was just not feeling fulfilled at the end of the day. I was really upset and wanted to know why I was feeling this way. I think one thing I needed to work on was charity. I feel that sometimes I'm very quick to judge others (we all know I do that) and I was doing it with my companions. I was reading about hypocrites in the BD and it talked about the parable with the mote in the eye. It stood out to me a lot and I went and evaluated myself and what I could do better with obedience and being a missionary. I realized I needed to work on myself before judging others. So that is what I did! I decided I needed to be more obedient and be even more motivated and in a good mood. My companions don't talk a lot and it frustrates me. But I noticed that if I put out happy, good vibes, they do the same and are more happy. So I am trying to have a merry heart that radiates out! It has been working a lot better. I feel a lot better and am grateful that I can improve myself even more.
So President Nilsen is doing a lot better! He tells us that his mind and heart and back to normal but his body is a lagging behind a bit. We have a special training this Tuesday and he will be there! I'm very excited to see President Nilsen.
So the car wash was okay! I think if we can plan ahead for it more then it will be more successfl but we got two solid potentials out of it! Definitely try it in Iowa! We had the people fill out a questionaire while we washed their car.
Sam- I loved your last letter! Interesting to see if you are transferred! Good luck and you're awesome! 

I love you all and miss you. I'm doing well and I'm doing my best because it is the Lord's time. 

Elder Cropper - August 12

Dear Family

You will all be happy to know that my keyboard is amazing today so were good on that end. 

well I’m now in my 4th change--it started today. 6 months on the mission (a 4th) and 4.5 months in Chile. Not as much time as I feel I have. It was a very good change. We as a district got 2 baptisms and the other district 6. As a zone we got 8 baptisms for the month which was something like 3rd out of 15 zones. Viña del Mar always used to be the lowest but now we’re getting better. We also used to always be the lowest for books given out but this last month we were somewhere in the high middle. This is all good stuff because in the past Viña zone had an reputation of being a zone for stupid missionaries where not much work gets done. We are trying to change that. I still don't know if I’m being transferred or not. Elder R my Zl is though. Him and I are best friends, he is also my grandpa in the mission meaning he trained my father Elder P (he was one of two trainers Elder P had, the other is an assistant Elder T from Illinois) Anyways so we’re family and we get along well. I’m sad because he leaves after this next change (going home because he’s done) President doesn’t have missionaries be ZLs their last change and I think he told Elder R he was going to take him out of Viña. Elder R has been ZL here in Viña for 8 months. Insane and unheard of. Anyways I’m nervous for change because I don’t want to be surprised with some other challenge. I’m comfortable where I’m at and I still think there are things for me to learn here in this area, and as district leader, but likewise the ZLs told me that in their Zone Leader meeting (which they have monthly) they gave my name to president to be a ZL. Ugh i don't want to be a ZL, I’d actually really rather be a normal missionary. I like serving in leadership because I learn a ton and its good practice, but its very hard sometimes. 

Anyways we will see what happens if President calls me tomorrow and tells me I’m going to ZL I’ll accept and move on. Same if he calls me and tells me I’m not district leader anymore. My purpose is not to be a district leader first it’s to be a missionary. Anyways enough of that.

We bought Monopoly last week on Pday and Elder H and I have been playing a ton. Just in the night after we come home and have free time. We just played this morning as well with the ZLs. I killed everyone it was fun game. 

BYU application--got it and will start working on it then. Its exactly like Peru, it even smells like Peru--(burning wood) that is the smell all the times. Hate it. I usually wear a sweatshirt and have a ton of blankets, I also wear that long underwear you bought me Dad right before we left (we bought it in Deseret Book) Thanks for that--saved my life. 

Well thats all I’ve got. Oh yeah could you guys tell me whats going on in the news. And please feel free to write in detail about your lives. Not much happens here so I don’t have much to write about. Well-- actually a lot happens here. Ok I promise the next week I will write more about what’s going on and what I am experiencing. 

Love you all! 

Elder Cropper

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sister Cropper - August 5, 2013

Here is a picture of me with my English tag I
ordered. I am officially an English missionary.
Dear Family: 

So I'm sorry about the short letter last week! I ran out of time! I love reading your letters and I kept getting distracted. Several things happened this last week so I'm excited to write all of it to you. 

Still no visa. I have absolutely no clue when I'll get it. It is frustrating and sad. I feel like I cannot truly feel complete until I get to Brazil. Plus I really want to learn the language but it makes it difficult to do that when I am not immersed in it all. I have prayed several times and I haven't felt anything really about it. I just know from the blessing Sam gave me back in the MTC to not worry about it, the Lord is working on it and that I will be sent places that I need to teach people. Something I have been working on more recently is praying to know who I am suppose to teach here so I will feel better about not having my visa.
So crazy thing last Tuesday! So we were visiting a referral by that lady who told us that she would pray we wouldn't have success. The person didn't answer the door so we started walking away. We saw that lady and she asked if we were the ones that had stopped by before. We yelled over yes and she called us over. I kept thinking, "holy cow what does she want now"! Well she actually called us over to apologize to us! She asked for our forgiveness and explained that her conduct was rude and she felt bad. She said she still didn't believe what we were teaching but was very kind and courteous. She offered to give us some water but we declined. Taught me a big lesson on forgiveness (well I had already forgiven her) but it gave a great example of humility. That woman had to face us again and say she was sorry! Pretty cool.
So Ray is still progressing but he is taking his sweet time. We have been working with him to help him recognize when we receives a witness of the truth. I have this formula that I've developed to help the people we teach understand how to get the result intended. There are three ingredients: church attendance, reading the BoM with a sincere heart and real intent, and praying with specific questions. A lot of times investigators are doing two of those steps but not all three. That is why they don't receive a yes answer. So I explained to him that he needs to do all of those three things. He still doesn't want to set a date for baptism until he knows it is true. He doesn't want to join or be baptized till he knows that this is something he wants to stick with! We want him to be 100% sure as well so sadly we have to be patient! But members in our ward keep thinking that he is already a member. It's hilarious.
So we actually didn't get to meet with Stacey this last week but she did come to church with her girls! It was a lot better. I was nervous because we had a lesson in Sunday School on Word of Wisdom. We were going to teach that this last week and didn't get to it obviously. I was really worried because she does smoke. Well after the lesson, I talked with her and she was totally fine! She said she has been wanting to quit and knew that this was coming. I was so relieved!!
Molly is still set! We met with her parents last Saturday and they still are saying yes! They just want to make sure that Molly is sure she wants to do this but Molly cried almost the whole time. She really wants it and shows it because she comes to church and reads the BoM. Her dad even came to church yesterday! He said he liked it. I can't wait for my first baptism. It is on August 17th.
We've been reaping and sowing with our investigator pool. We dropped a ton of investigators and we were down to just our 4 progressing gators and 3 other investigators. We started trying to find right at the beginning of last week but still by Friday we had no new investigators. I was really frustrated and we were all a little down. We kept having a ton of cancellations and things with potentials. We finally got one new investigator last Saturday but all this next week is filled with potential appts! Very exciting!
We found out Wednesday that next transfer Westerville is getting another set of missionaries (probably Elders!) Very exciting. We need the help and another set. The only thing is, is that our area is super small.
One thing that we are doing this next week to find investigators is a car wash! A member told us how her son in CA did that and found 5 new gators. So this Saturday, with the ward's help we are having a free car wash! Super exciting!
So our Bishop got up yesterday and bore his testimony. A few months ago, L. Tom Perry came out and met with the different stakes in the area. He met with our SP and said that our ward (the only ward in the stake) needed some work done. It takes 40 active Melckezadik priesthood holders (totally spelled that wrong) to make a ward and we have 37 MP. So we do have some work to be done. Our ward is tiny and we are trying our best to find families. I prayed this last week to find a family of 4. I'm still praying and searching for them!
Also, President Nilsen gave us a challenge this last week to answer the question what have we been called to do and why, using the standard works and focusing on the BoM. Your daughter, who is given the spirit, studied Jacob 5 and came up (with the help of the Lord) with an awesome analogy of how it fits with missionary work! We are sending it our stuff today so I'll link it to the email! I want you guys to study that as well and tell me what you find.
Dad- Answers to your questions. 
How often do the members feed you? Maybe 5 times a week. This last week was really bad and it was about 3 times. We told our meal coordinator that we can't afford to pay for all three meals. I have no clue what she sent out but the members kept calling us and making sure we were okay. They are now giving us all this food. What we really need to do is to be fed by the Part Members and LAs. We keep telling our meal coordinator but she isn't getting us in. I think the members were scared to feed us because our bishop wants a non-member to be at the dinners. 
What do you eat when your at home? I try and eat healthy. I make sure I am eating veggies and fruit. It is hard to fix a quick and healthy meal. I want to try to lose some weight. 
Where do you live and what is it like? I live in an apt. It's nice but small. Very hard to fit all three but it works. We are in a suburb of Columbus.
What kind of car do you drive?  Who drives? we drive a 2013 chevy cruz. Very nice. Sister H is the driver.
What do you like to study in the scriptures? I'm trying to study patience and I like to study the lessons from PMG and look up the scriptures. We use a lot of scriptures in our lessons.

Love you lots family! 

Elder Cropper - August 5


whats up fam. I'm writing you a letter on a key board without letters on the keyboard so we will see how this goes. THANK YOU FOR THE LETTERS!!!! you guys rock!!!! 

This week was good...well actually it wa horrible because our numbers were horrible but its a new week and we step it up and make things happen. eso no mas!

no mas is a thing people here say at the end of everything. beware it will probably take me  awhile to get rid of saying it. even in english. I also like to say caulquier which just means whatever. so ill say something like hace cualquier fria-o (no sé) ahora. which directly translates to “its making whatever cold right now.” Basically it’s how Elder Cropper says he freezing cold!!!!! Anyways its winter here and we just started a new month. Changes are next week which is super chill. WHERE DID THE LAST CHANGE GO. I don’t know, maybe its hiding under Elder H's bed. Anyways, things are going a lot better. I’ve had a change as a district leader so now I know I can do the job. Thanks for all the advice Dad about deciding what to talk about for meetings, very helpful i will put it into practice. 

Well a week ago I decided I was getting fatter so I’ve since then stopped buying candy bars and cookies. good decision I know. When I’m hungry I just eat fruit or if I don't have fruit i just go to bed hungry. well I probably shouldn't have said that because you guys are going to think Im going hungry. I’m not. I was thinking about my spanish today and decided I was fluent enough. Good stuff nice not to have too worry about spanish anymore. 

This week I decided I needed to focus more on diligence, I have found that when my companion wants to be diligent I am diligent but when I’m left to my own steam I don't put out quite as much, need to work on that.

Oh question when do i need to send back my BYU application. 

So good news we bought Monopoly, my ZL cut me (jokingly) and said we shouldn't have bought it but they are coming over later to play. This change as been really fun because btw nothing has really changed with my fascination with business. Elder Haws knows a ton about investing! like a ton. His grandpa traded professionally and i think he was pretty good, so anyways I just soak it all up from him. I wish I could try some of the ideas he has but no importa en dos anos no mas. 

what else. 

Oh yeah a member died in our ward this morning. She was very old and had many health problems, he husband is an investigator and has wanted to get baptized forever but he and this women who died were not married and didn't have enough money for him to pay to get divorced from his last marriage. Anyways she died so now he can get baptized, i just hope he still wants to. I really think getting him baptized will really help him feel happy and know that he will be with this women again. 

I found hot chocolate it Lider (Walmart of Chile) I drink hot chocolate everyday now, its awesome....sometimes i drink it twice a day.

we had a zone activity today, we had a testimony meeting and played soccer, I had fun but The other district was really competitive, I don't like people who make a non-competitive game competitive. 

anyways thats all i got for whats going on here. 

Oops---sent the email and I wasn't done. anyways you all rock thanks for being a supportive family at home (and mary in ohio). Lots of missionaries write home just to get letters about family problems but I never get that. Now I'm not saying that if there is a problem I don't want to know because I do.
love all your socks off!

PS I have the best idea for a Christmas gift you guys can give me. I'll just tell you know because I'm so excited. For Christmas I would like you all to give out a Book of Mormon and write me a letter about who it was and the experience! oh and make sure you give the reference to the missionaries! they always need more reference numbers!
So anyways be thinking about that!!!!

Elder Cropper

Sister Cropper - July 29, 2013

Hello family! 

Alright, so I was not transferred and neither were any of my companions. I'm both sad and glad that I didn't get transferred. I really love this area and our investigators but I do want to experience different companions and areas. I must have more to learn from here so that it why I have stayed!
Oh and yes we went to Five Guys! It was really good! Thank you.
So Stacey is moving right along. She did come to church but she had a really hard time the first hour. There were some kids that were really loud and screaming and the parents were not taking the kids out. It really bothered her and she said it was distracting. We are going to talk with the Bishop because we had another investigator say the same thing. Stacey did like the rest of church and gave a lot of great comments during the lessons. She also came to a baptism on Saturday and she really liked it. She kept saying that she wanted this and that at her baptism! The only thing is is that we had this special meeting last night and she said she was going to come but didn't show up. I'm a little worried but I know that she is still solid. I just hope that church gets better for her.
So Ray is good but I'm also worried about him. He is not getting enough Fellowship at church. We've talked to our ward mission leader and he has talked to the elders quorum president but Ray told us last night in text that he feels like an outsider. He said that it is like a bucket with a hole in it. You can put water in it but it is still always empty. I hope we can help him out. He is just a little hard to relate to. As sister we can try to do our best but it just sometimes isn't enough because we aren't men!
A miracle happened! Molly is going to be baptized! Her parents gave consent (finally)! She is going to be baptized on August 17th. We are very excited.
This last week was hard though because we had to drop several people. We finally went back to John and dropped him. Haha he told us that the feeling we got to find out if the BoM was true was demonic. Haha! It was really strange. It was also hard because we cannot find investigators. We tried our best and worked on finding the whole time. We would run after people that had walked past us to talk to them! No new gators, just some potentials.
Well I'm out of time but I love you all! We are sadly going to the zoo again today. I don't want to go but the others do. I'm a little bummed.
Have a great week!
Sister Cropper