Monday, August 5, 2013

Elder Cropper - July 29. 2013

Dear Family:

So a pretty difficult week. well actually I don't know.

I had the best day of my mission friday because we put 4 baptismal dates, which is something unheard of. Of course there is opposition (or however you spell it) in all things because saturday and sunday were the worst days of my mission. People told us to not come back. The boyfriend of the mom  (where 2 of our baptismal dates live) told us we could only stop by on saturday because the kids have to study after school (load of crap nobody studies in chile) I thought it was dumb he said that because hes not even there Dad. Ya sale por alla! ugh anyways. so then the days just got worse because then peoples neighbors starting telling us to not come back. Like for example we tried to visit this person who we have given a book of mormon, and their neighbor (1 house over) came out said no one lived there and to not come back. I was like I can take rejection but can it please be from the people we are trying to find not there neighbors. ughh I am having trouble with spelling that word. From now on neighbor will be spelled in spanish vecino, because its easier for Elder Cropper to spell haha. 

Anyways, love Pdays because you just get to start the week over. I always start the week like i used to start me school years. Feelings of "were gonna take out the trash this week, place 20 books, and baptize a ward" Not really but something like that. I hope our area really progresses this week, we don't have really a solid person that can get baptized, like we have people with dates but not people that are progressing. When the area doesn't progress I look at myself and say what am I doing wrong that I need to change to help the area progress. Elder H said that attitude will get me down but I don't know. I always feel I could be more obedient (because I really am having issues with mission schedule obedience) but I don't know maybe Elder H is right and I do just need to chill out. 

I struggle every week to find a topic of what we should talk about is district meeting. Tuesdays are my busiest days like for example Elder Cropper doesn't laugh on Tuesdays because he's freaking out too much. I Have decided i need to start preparing more early for district meetings so that I don't feel so stressed. The good news is Im getting better at being district leader and helping out my district, and the change is almost over. I only have 2 weeks left in this change which is pretty crazy, its gone by pretty fast. 

I have been feeling pretty lost in out area and didn't know why until yesterday. Elder H finally opened up the flood gates and told me 2 things I am doing that he doesn't like. He one says I correct him on his Spanish (like in lessons) he says that he will say something and then later I will say it back a different way like in the sense of grammar or conjugation. I have much better Spanish then Elder H and he often conjugates things wrong or has grammatical errors in his speaking. I correct him in lessons because I’m afraid the person didn't understand, but none the less he's right and I shouldn't do it. When I was being trained Elder P would let me say what ever thing and then correct me after the lesson if there had been mistakes. Elder H also said he doesn't feel like I trust him (which he's spot on I don't) He says he doesn't like to give me his ideas because he feels like I will shoot them down. So anyways I learned from this that I need to stop treating Elder H like a baby (even though he acts like one) and hopefully with time (and without me correcting his Spanish and not trusting him) he will become a boss of a missionary. I’m glad to have this experience with Elder H because Its helping me be nicer when I’m in charge. Im realizing that when I’m the senor companion I’m not very fun to work with because its all Elder Cropper’s way. Anyways ill have to work on all these things so I’m not the companion of the devil.

Sorry if my letter lacks structure, every monday I get the chance to sit down and really think about my week, so half of these things I wrote were thoughts I just had while writing rather then news or updates or whatever.

Anyways thats all I’ve got. Oh yeah Dad I challenge you to a chess game when I get home. I bought a chess set the other week and Elder H and I play every single day.

Love you all,


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