Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sister Cropper - October 28

Hello minha familia! 

Life is good in the Jardim Botânico. I still haven´t visited the place. I wanted to go today but my companion had an appt at a hospital here so we didn´t have time. And she has a follow-up appt. next week so not happening next week either! Oh well! By the way, I was very impressed with the hospital here, very like america. Very organized! 

So this week was pretty good. My language gets better every day. It amazes how much I can understand. I make mistakes but I really don´t care because I need to get use to speaking.

So we found 20 new investigators this past week but only 1 went to church!! Talk about frickin´annoying! We went and tried to find our investigators this last Sunday before church to give them a ride but no one either opened the door or was ready! Minha nossa (my goodness)!!! Oh by the way, bater em portas is knocking on doors. And that rule for 100 doors was only last week. 

So this week was good. We had a special zone meeting with President Monteiro. It was really good. We learned more about how to teach better and that if we teach correctly, we will have baptisms. My mission president is all about baptisms which is hard and a lot of pressure. I feel that I can teach so much better than I am. It seems that people want to hear about God but they already have a religion and don´t want to change! Arg! My mission president last week had this scripture in his email to us. I read it during personal study and it is really good. I had a really good personal study that day. The scripture is D&C 68:1. It talks about how we need to use the scriptures to teach the gospel. This past week, I´ve studied a lot about how to teach better and how to use the scriptures. It has been good. 

Our lessons have been good with people, we really teach people not lessons. My companion is good about that but not really good about using scriptures. It is a little annoying. But I look a lot of scriptures up and I know where they are so it is good! We also learned at this specialized training that we need to use a scripture for each doctrine that we teach. 

It was really frustrating yesterday at church. Again we only had 53 at church. So frustrating because I feel we have no help from the Bishop. He comes to church at 8:40 (church starts at 8:30 - we have the other classes before Sacrament Meeting) and leaves after church ends. This ward doesn’t really function. Also it is super annoying because they let kids just run around the chapel during the meeting. This one boy of a recent convert is always running around and nobody was doing anything. He ran over to the sacrament table and almost took the bread during the sacrament. Sadly because I am a missionary, I can´t do anything about it so I just had to sit there crying. Yes I was crying because this is the sacrament we are talking about! Plus I was on the stand because we were giving a talk. Sadly I was going first, I was still really upset about the whole sacrament issue and I flat out told the members during y talk that the chapel is a sacred place and we need reverence here. I was crying while saying all of this in Portuguese. My talk wasn´t really good because we were supposed to give it the week before and I forgot why I wanted to use particular scriptures because I didn’t look over my talk beforehand (my mistake). So anyways, people told me my talk was good. I really don´t remember what I said but my companion told me my portuguese was really good. 

So anyways, this past week was good. We could teach better and be more on the same page sometimes. All with practice. 

Love you all family! 

Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - October 28

Hey whats up peeps. 
ugh I’m just tired.
Week went by fast though, the fastest its ever gone by in my mission.

Good week we had a baptism saturday. Archivaldo (my convert of gold)`s son got baptized. They hugged in the font and were crying sweet!!!!!!!!! anyways he was super nervous to do the ordinance, but everything went ok. During the time when they were changing we watched some videos about missionary work. Church has come out with a ton of missionary videos and they are chill. There is one where it shows some missionaries hugging their families goodbye and going into the MTC. That one was my favorite--I started to cry. 

Nothing really crazy happened this week. Last Pday we had a cookout with our Elders quorum pres. Chill guy--he speaks English too because he served his mission in California. Really focused guy and was a zone leader. Now he works for the church (basically) on the farm company it owns. We talked a lot about Masons, it was really interesting.  

Elder C a missionary in our zone is going home this next week (2 years up just like that). He’s being pretty stupid and its basically like he’s already left. I feel bad for him because he’s just a mission wasted. He was disobedient his whole 2 years. I called him up after hearing from his DL that it was 10:30 and they weren't in the pension (30 min late) I told him go would hold him accountable for the things he did or didn't do the last week in the mission. I told him to be obedient and live the end of his mission the way that God would want him to live it. I told him I loved him and was excited for him and this new chapter of his life he was starting. I felt like that was enough showing an increase in love. 

what else, oh we had a sweet zone activity today. We played dodgeball in the chapel, ate pizza, and set the goals for this next month. I think the zone really liked it. We tried to go to a museum instead of play dodgeball but president didn't approve it. bummer. 

Good week. trying to be more focused and more pure. I like to zone out a lot. I think its just the whole focusing thing, just gotta train my mind to focus more often and not zone out. 

Anything I could do to get more emails on pday. Lots of the elders I took to get like 15 every Pday from other people and I get like 3. Maybe I did something wrong in high school or college to make it so that people don't write me. Don’t think I’m going to write anymore about this because its actually making me feel bad. I’ll just write more people.

I know how Mary feels. Church just isn't very organized in some places. He ward is definitely bad. I hate it when members have priorities above the Church. It just makes me want to go to their house, tell them that they need to repent, hit them with the word, and then leave a blessing on their home lol. Ain’t nobody got faith anymore! Faith without works is dead, People. How are we supposed to have faith like the brother of Jared if we cant even go to Church on time?

Everyone else: Les quiero (more laid back way in Spanish to say “I love you”-- actually it means “I want you” lol) and share your testimony or something gosh dangit!

Love the man 

Hlder Crauper (thats what my name is in Spanish)

Elder Cropper

The church is true 
The book is blue
And Joseph was a prophet

Now go tell someone about it!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Elder Cropper - October 21st

What is up people!!!!

Im doing good, probably the best ive been doing which is nice. This last week was pretty good. 

Last monday p day we went shopping for clothes. I wanted one pare of pants and we heard they were selling pants for 1 thousand pesos in a store thats called la polar. the poler or however you spell that. Anyways one thousand pesos is like 2 bucks which is chill. Anywas--that was chill. I also had to buy a new bag because backpacks aren’t allowed. I was sad. I liked my backpack. It was more comfortable.

Anyways so we had a good interchange with some elders in a different area. We only did it for a day though. morning to night, because in the morning we had interviews with president. I had a good interchange with one of the district leaders. He is very obedient and a little too serious, doesn’t really fit well with my personality sometimes--but its ok. We found a family which was chill. He felt like we should pray, I said the prayer and at the next door we found a less active women and we taught the family. I don’t know if there will be much progress with them but we will see. 

Wednesday was our interviews with president. We had the assistants stay at our house that night. They arrived at like 12 at night, very late. Elder T and Elder G are very good elders. Anyways in the morning Elder L and left early to go open the church and to get everything set up. We had sometime while waiting so we did contacts in front of the church. President pulled up and waved it us. He said he liked that we were doing contacts. Annoying thing, 20 min before that Elder T called me to tell me to open the front gate to the church so they could drive in. The front door to the church was also open. ANyways president got a little after us because he had wanted the back door opened as well. Elder T was like “I told you guys that, but don’t worry about it.” One, what little thing to get flustered over, and two he said the word for “gate” in Spanish and not “door.” I don’t know, they just kind of made a deal of it and Elder L and I didn’t like it. We just rolled our eyes later. WIth Elder T and Elder G if every single thing doesn’t go right with president they get worried or mad. Ugh--it’s like they don’t even have a relationship with him. 

My interview with president was really good. I had written to him earlier about issues i was having in the mission. We talked a little bit about it in the interview but not very much. I took that as the things that I was worried about weren’t in his eyes a big issue so i didn’t need to worry about them. He asked what keeps me up at night? just as a question not because I’m actually having problems sleeping (psssh i sleep like a baby.) Anyways I told him zone stuff. We talked about that for awhile. He said i should focus on finding with the zone. He said if you don’t find new investigators one week it means you won’t be baptizing in 3 weeks. He talked with me about Elder L. He said our transfer was the strongest he had had that change and he had known without a doubt that we needed to be together. He told me I needed to have love and patience with him. I thought that was interesting because Elder L and I have zero major problems. Anyways, I’m trying to do that more with him and I’ve actually seen us become even closer with our companionship. I told him the president that I felt like i was still trying to learn to be a good missionary let alone a zone leader. BAD IDEA! lol--he just launched at me. Told me i was a zone leader and he didn’t care how young i felt in the mission. He told me i wasn't the first person in the church to be called young and I needed to accept it and the Lord would sustain me. I liked what he said. I just need to act like normal and not like the young little ZL called early that i kind of feel like sometimes. And yeah that was the interview. It wasn't my favorite interview with president that i had had, but it was really good. 

After the interview we went off to go work, later we came back to do interchanges with the assistants. Elder G went off to a different zone and Elder T was with us. Elder T is technically my grandpa in the mission so i always feel kind of close to him but he doesn't have it. He's not a very loving missionary which is always sad to me. He's not freely divulging of information and only wanted to chat about people in the ward with Elder L(because I still don t know everyone in the ward) Elder T had served as a zone leader here a year ago so he knew many people. He cut me out a lot of the group, like he and Elder L would chat but when Elder L and I would be chatting together he would separate us and move right into the center. i don t know--I struggled with him. He’s ending his time as assistant so I think his true colors are showing. Before he used to ask us questions about the zone and how we were doing. This time he just wanted to know if this person or that person was still in the ward. Frustrating. The most frustrating part of the night was when we were teaching an investigator. Elder L had just finished talking and I felt it was my turn to talk so I did. I began transferring into the atonement to talk about that (we were teaching the plan of salvation) anyways after about 10 seconds Elder T interrupted me and stayed on the subject we were on. i don t know why, maybe he felt like he wanted to talk about it more. It was his first time with this woman and it was my 5th. Nonetheless, i feel that this action is one of the rudest things you can do in missionary work. I felt like i needed to talk an I felt like i needed to make the transfer talk about the atonement and how we can repent of sin. Elder T felt like we needed to stay on the topic of what is sin and experiences she had had when she felt bad. I felt like what he said was not important and didn’t help with the lesson. I really actually struggled with it. I said a prayer during the lesson that I wouldn’t be angry and that I could focus instead on the things Elder T was doing right not wrong. So I did. He actually is a very good teacher. He knows the scriptures very well which I thought was cool. anyways after the lesson as we left. he said some things to Elder L and not me. Like i was there but he would say, “Elder L that lady is crazy.” Or “Elder L ,i think this was her problem.” I don t know--i just was tired of getting left out. So i complimented him on his teaching skills and his knowledge of the scriptures. I felt a lot better afterwards. They stayed another night in our apartment, and then left in the morning. Dad I’m in the internet place and they are playing that song (on my own) with that man and women singing. I think its glades knight or however you spell her name. Anyways thought of you. 

So after president interview we focused more on finding. I also decided to focus more on desires to work. Sometimes i don t want to go do missionary work and I don t like that. So I started praying for it more and just tried to work more hard. I feel a lot more happy now and have more desire to work. Ready to help that increase more. Instead of dreading end of p-day I’m actually kind of excited to start working again. hmmm mugh better. 

Friday we had interchanges with a sector in our zone with the bad missionaries. Elder C is one. he leaves in 2 weeks and has just served the crappiest mission every. Never does studies, is disobedient. Elder Lspent an interchange with him trying to get him to be better but it didn't work. I was with his companion Elder M. He is doing really good and is ready for Elder C to leave. Elder Mis actually very obedient. Elder L and I are going to recommend him for DL.

We did a zone fast on saturday. that all the people who could get baptized this month would get baptized. We had one zone baptism yesterday and we will have 4 this weekend, one for Elder Larsen and I. That means we will finish with 8 for the month. Im really happy because thats pretty dang high for our mission. 


We’ve been doing a lot of finding which is always fun. Found a mother a son from Colombia. They were pretty dang good. WE have a lesson with the again tomorrow. We found another family the other day. THe wife has a baptismal date but the husband no. They are older and the husband is Catholic. 


Archivaldo is doing awesome. He was the guy that got baptised like a month ago. You will remember that I had 5 other baptisms before that when i was in las americas. One from 2 boys and the other from part of a family. All are inactive which is a bummer. but Archivaldo!!!!!!!!!!!!! never. He has the priesthood he comes to church every week,he pays his tithing and hes young mens secretary. HE IS MY PRIDE AND JOY YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love that man!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways he’s also going to baptize his son this saturday. YEAH!!!!!  

So thats my life. Doin good. Speakin the spanish. baptizin the peeps. 

Dear Primary Children of the Bettendorf Ward,

Thanks you for the CD and wonderful pictures! It really brightened my day! I loved seeing all of the pictures you drew about chile and missionaries. My life as a missionary in Chile is wonderful! Last Sunday we joined the primary during sharing time to talk about missionaries and what missionaries do. The primary children practiced inviting their friends to church, or a primary activity. They did a really good job. You guys should invite you friends to church too. If you are really brave you can ask them in spanish. 
¿Quieres acompañarme a la iglesia?
I know if you invite your friends to church they will feel really good and you will feel good too, because Heavenly Father is happy when we share the gospel. Keep growing those testimonies so that you can serve a mission when you grow a foot or two!

With Love,
Elder Cropper

Love ya guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Elder Cropper

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sister Cropper - October 21

Arg! I just accidently deleted my other message! Dang okay, starting over. 

So all is good! I am in Jardim Bontânico. It is a really cool area but completely different from other areas that I have served. I live in the city in an apartment. It is a difficult area because we have tons and tons of apartments but no way of getting in unless we have someone we are visiting. So we do a lot of street contacts. 

Another part of our area is really really poor. It is the best place to find people because it is poor and the people are more humble. The first few days here were really hard because we were white washed in. They haven´t had missionaries here for a really long time. But the members are really nice. We have been getting some referrals but this ward needs a lot of help! We only had 54 people at church. So this ward needs more of everything and reactivation. It was kind of stupid because we met with the bishop on tuesday (when we arrived) and we were going through the list of members. He told us that a lot of people on the list have moved but he didn´t know who! ARG!! 

So yeah, this area is hard but it is going well. It is also hard because our mission president wants us to bater em portas all day long. He wants us to bater em 100 portas!!! It is a little bit insane. We haven´t done it yet but I really want to try and do it because it is a ricidulously high number. Também he wants us to baptize baptize baptize baptize. WOW. We have a lot of pressure coming at us. 

So yeah, it is has been a good week but also really hard. I like my companion. She is Brazilian and from São Paulo. We are the same age and have been out the same time. She is ´´training´´me. She isn´t much of a leader but I think she was nervous at first so I helped her a lot. My language gets better every day. Also my companion wants to learn enlgish really badly so we read the book of mormon at night. Her in english, me in portuguese. It is crazy how many members in my ward know english. They want to always speak english with me! They get so excited when I tell them I am from America. Also, this one member asked permission to speak english to me and also another member asked me to have english classes! Absolutely hilarious. 

So yeah, we have the jardim bontânico in our area. We are going to visit another p-day because we are suppose to be getting our stove, refrgierator, and washing machine. They haven´t given it to us yet which stinks because it is hard to eat things!!!  

So we had a few miracles! We had two investigators at church! It was really good. One told us that she had been praying for two people to help her now how to follow God. She was crying when she told us this. Also we found these people from France on the street and he came to church! They speak portuguese but about as much as I do! So it is interesting to teach them. But we have a member in the other ward that speaks french so we are going to call him. 

Anyways, thanks for the updates on your week!!! I love you family!! Tell Grandma I got her letter and will try to write her back today!! 

Com amor, 

Sister Cropper 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sister Cropper - October 14th

Hey família! 

How are you all doing? Life is pretty good. I heard that I was being transferred yesterday. It is weird because all of my other companions are staying in Santa Felicidade. Sister D is getting a new missionary and Sister J will train Sister E. I am actually sad to leave. I wish I could stay with them because I had a lot of fun and we worked hard together. But I am grateful I won´t have to deal with the craziness. They still will have 4 in this area and they will live with another area of sisters which is really hard. 

This transfer is a little hard for me as well. So the other sister that I came with that I know really well is training. Her name is Sister B and she gets to train already. She knows the language, I guess, better than me. She already trained in Estados Unidos. Let´s just say my pride is a little hurt. Which is obviously a lesson I need to learn. Também I need to learn to be more humble and allow the Lord´s will to take over mine. It is just hard sometimes you know. Like hearing in Ohio that she and the other sister that is suppose to come to this mission were training. The best missionaries train so it is sometimes hard. 

ANYWAYS but Sister B is a great sister. She really is. We were talking last night and she was just saying how she really looks up to me. She told me that I am amazing because I always turn outward. For example, (and I had no memory of this) but she said that when we got to Ohio and we were both put in trios, she was freakin´out. She was really stressed and she said that I probably was as well. Well, I guess before we parted ways, I went up to her and grabbed her shoulders and said, "YOU can do this!!" She said after I had done that she felt so much peace and love.
At this point she and I were crying. So she said that she really admired me. It made me feel better. 

Also, I was thinking yesterday that I know I am not ready to train. It is still hard for me to understand people. It gets better everyday but it is still difficult. 

I was studying about humility this morning and this scripture in Deuteronômio really stuck out to me! It is Deu 8:2. God is talking about putting the children of isarel in the wilderness because they need to be humble and that God was testing them to see if they would still follow Him. That stuck out to me that God is putting me in this situation to see if I will keep doing the things that I need to. Which is a duh! Of course! It is just hard. And it shows me that I have pride and I need to work on that. 

ANYWAYS!  This week was good. We worked hard. We are suppose to find 80% of the time and teach our investigators 20%. So we did a lot of bater em portas (knocking on doors). WE found some really good people. This one woman we found has been looking for peace in her life. It is amazing to see the people that we run into. God´s hand is definitely in the work. 

My language is getting better slowly but surely. I hope I get a native speaker this next transfer so I can forget about english!!! 

Don´t worry family, I am all good. I am so happy. A mission isn´t easy but in the end, it always brings happiness! I love you all and miss you! Have a wonderful week! 

Mom- Good luck with your talk! That is so great you invited friends to churhc! Perfeito!! Also, you guys totally baby the missionaries that live with you! We don´t even have a microwave in our casa! But keep doing because I bet they really appreciate it! 

Dad- I am glad your board retreat was good! It is so nice to read your letters every week. 

Com amor, 

Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper (Making up for two weeks of insufficient letters) - October 14th

(This was the first email we received)

I’m sorry again i don't have time to write you guys! We have a GA coming to the mission and he wants us to do a survey it took all my time. Got to go love you guys!
~Elder Cropper

(This was the second email we received)

I know you hate mean jokes so I’ll tell you know I was just joking. I’m writing your email now.

Thanks Michael for reminding me.
~Elder Cropper

(This was the third email we received that day)

All of [the above] is true actually but I have plenty of time to write my family and do the survey. We are all pretty excited in the mission and interested to see who it will be. We don't know who it is or when he will come. Im hoping its an apostle though.

So I’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks but things are starting to calm down. 

Since its been two weeks I’ll have to give you guys the 2 week update

Two weeks ago was a pretty busy week. The friday of that week we had the big Mission leadership meeting. Always fun to go to that and it was my second time. The only part i hate is the part when we have to tell president how our zone did. Always hard. Being a zone leader is definitely the hardest things I’ve ever done because you have to be perfect. One little thing you do wrong and your district leaders get mad and report you to president. Happened two times already with me (they didn't report me to president just talked about it with my companion). I dislike it, and think they shouldn't do that. When I was a DL i had the two stupidest ZL in the world (i know now because I am one) and I never said anything to them. 

Anyways its hard to be zone leader too because the zone is all on you. The success and the failure. Our zone isn't doing so hot. We have the second highest amounts of baptisms for this month which is great but we have few baptisms scheduled for the end of this month. Plus the rule in our mission is a person has to come to church for 3 weeks to get baptized. This means that this last Sunday was the last time for somebody to come to church and get baptized this month. Theres no short term thinking with baptisms in the zone. You have to think long and plan it all out. Always have to be on top of your game because if you slow down you will feel it 2 or more weeks later.

Anyways, so we had the big meeting it was fun. They changed up the dress code. We now cant have backpacks and we can wear Dockers. I’m buying a handbag thing today. The zone was pretty excited about the rule change. We like rule changes. After consejo we had conference and then Pday. So it was basically like a missionary holiday for 4 days. We had a baptism in between the two things of conference which was awesome. 

This last week we did zone meeting which is just a mirror thing, ugh, i forgot how to spell some words.  Anyways we redo the big mission meeting just for the other missionaries. It went really well and the missionaries really liked it.

The zone is going well but we never have enough baptisms. That’s the ultimate sign of success and the thing president looks at. La Serena does ok about in the middle every time. But I’d rather have our normal be a lot higher.

We have interviews with president this next week which will be great. After that it will just be two normal weeks until the end of this change. I think Elder L is out of here. he will have been in his area for 6 months. I think he's going to be made assistant. I don't know if he's got the organization or administrative skills, but he has a pure heart.

Well that’s the mission life. Other than that nothing else is going on.

In the way of investigators its going pretty well. One thing I don't understand is that we fast and pray but then things don't work out with them. Elder L thinks that God is just testing us to see if we still have faith in even hard situations. I agree with his idea. 

I need to look more for spiritual experiences everyday so I can write you guys about them.

the other day we were walking late at night. I had remembered earlier that it says in the handbook the spirit will warn you of danger. I never knew what that felt like but then that night we had an experience with it. Elder L and I were walking in an older part of our sector. There were people everywhere. As we were walking both of us somehow without looking just new that a man who was sitting on the curb with some other guys was dangerous and we needed to cross the street to get away from him. It was just a feeling we both had at the exact same time because we both started crossing the street at the same time with no obvious need to do so. The man got up and was looking over at us but then sat back down as we walked away. I think he was drunk and would have caused problems with us. 

We always have drunk guy problems. Ahh--funny story about that. the other week was the Independence day of Chile. There were a ton of drunk people. We were walking again late at night to the apartment when we came across a man who was laying down on the sidewalk. He was totally out. Another man was there calling the police so we decided to stop and help. The police told us to try to wake the man up and we tried like 5 times. We stopped and they said they would come. We decided to try again and the guy suddenly woke up. He was just mumbling things and totally crazy. He was just stumbling around everywhere it was crazy. His wallet it had fallen out so Elder L grabbed him and I jammed his wallet in his pocket. I think the guy thought we were trying to rob him because he backed up and tried to take a swing at Elder L. It was the classic drunk man swing. Arm back started to bring it forward slowly, big loss of balance, and fell down. He then proceeded to run into the street and stop traffic. I didn't want to seem him get killed so we walked away. He eventually stopped running in  the street and passed out on the grass next to the street. Crazy drunk people stories. Moral of the story don't drink, and Chile is a country full of sin.

Hay que cambiarlo no mas!

Yesterday we went to go give a blessing in the La Serena hospital for a menos activos brother who is there. It was actually a really clean hospital. Super old and dirty though. It did have some creepy looking old bloody rooms. I gave the blessing, felt like I shouldn't say anything about the man getting better. We both kind of got headaches in the hospital. Elder L was getting a little light headed from all the death. Kinda creepy. 

Funny thing happened yesterday. Everyday we do contacts with people. They always give excuses but we always smile and say ok. Yesterday i didn't do that. A man told us we couldn't visit him because he lived far away, along with many other things. I told him. “Mire cualquier excuso.” He got mad at me and it turned out bad. Don't know why I said that. Kinda just came out. 

Anyways church is still true. 

Still here rockin it up. Hope you guys are good.

Glad you had a good b-day Dad, and Anne.

Thanks for the shoes Mom

Lova ya all
Elder Sam Cropper

By the way remember that the church is true, not the people. The members here seem to not understand that. Annoying.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sister Cropper - October 7

Hey all! 

WOW conferencia géral foi muito bom! Minha nossa. I loved the sunday sessions a lot! Plus I got to hear it in inglés which was a blessing. But suprising a little hard to see Utah. It left me a little distracted and weirded out. Mostly because it reminded of what America is like. I guess Brazil is pretty different. 

So this past was really good! Oh I almost forgot! We got a baptism yesterday! I mentioned how our former pesquisadora (gator) texted a member and said that she wanted to be baptized! Well she wasn´t kidding. It was between the sessions yesterday. It was really good but quick. 

Our numbers this week weren´t as good but it is amazing everyday to see the gift of tongues work through me. It really is amazing. I still have a hard time understanding people but I feel more comfortable going off of the lesson. I feel that I am getting back to teaching people not lessons. 

Something I was focusing on this week was really teaching (when teaching the first lesson) for the person. For example, this one girl that let us in mentioned that she hadn´t been baptized yet. I asked her if she had a desire. She said yes! So that whole lesson we taught the same parts of the lesson but really focused on baptism and that we need the priesthood for baptism. Then another lesson later that same day, I heard Sister D say something about knowing the right way. I felt that is something I should focus on and so when I taught, I focused on how God prepared a specific way for us. Things just come out of my mouth and my portuguese flows better. It is really amazing. My companion, Sister D told me that my pronunciation is really good, evern better than my other american companion that has been here for 7 months. I was really shocked when she told me that! 

So yeah, a good week. We have transfers this next week! I am not sure what will happen. 

So my thoughts on conferencia géral:

My favorite talk was: either David M Mckconkie and Russell M. Nelson. Really all of the talks were great but I especially loved those ones! I really liked Brother Mckconkie because I had gone to conference with the question, how can I teach with the spirit more? I loved the choir and all of their music from the sunday sessions. Conference was really good! 

To answer your question:
My mission president is very strict like Sam´s. We actually can´t leave our area on P-Day so we just stay here. We clean the house, I update my journal, laundry, grocery shopping, write letters, email, etc. It is just basically a day to rest. At least we try to. I wish we could go out and explore but it is a mission rule so sadly not. And the temple is not in our mission and we can only go at the end of our mission when we leave. I don´t know how many stakes are in curitiba! I imagine a lot! 

Well love you all family! I am doing great and just chugging along. I will conquer this language!!! 

Com amor, 

Sister Cropper 

Not much from Elder Cropper - October 7

Sorry I have zero time to write to you guys today. litterally zero my companion is making me get off. 

I spent the whole time writing a letter to AJ [friend from high school] and to president. I'll send you guys the letter. 

I'm fine, had a good week and enjoyed confrence.

Thanks for your letters.

Hope you guys are doing well.

Love sam

More from Sister Cropper - September 30

Okay for starters:

Happy Birthday to pretty much my whole family because all of your birthdays are this week! At least it feels like it. 

I have something special coming in the mail for you all so be prepared! It will most likely be very late so sorry for the delay!!! 

So this past week I feel that I am getting back to my old self. The first two weeks were just weird. I didn´t feel like a missionary and I just felt a little useless. Then the third week I just wasn´t feeling complete. I think I figured out a couple of things that I needed to fix. First off was obedience. It has been hard to be exactly obedient in my companionship because there is a total of 4! But I have been really trying to get to bed by 10:30 pm. That is the hardest for me. I am fine everywhere else but it was 10:30 that was it. Anyways, so I´m finally feeling back to myself! 

So I´ll go through some cool things that happened this week. 

So I forgot to mention about a blessing I got from an AP last Sunday. It was a really really really good blessing. President had him give it in english. He blessed me with the language, said I was here to specifically teach people, I would bring the spirit in to their homes, blessed my family with health and safety, I can´t remember the rest but it was really good. At the time I was really frustrated that I couldn´t understand a lick of what people were saying. It was killing me slowly inside! I felt a lot better afterwards. 

So Tuesday came along and me and Sister D were looking up a reference. Well they weren´t there so we planned to palm the next streets. So we were tracting and the third house I said my regular introduction. So this woman came out because she couldn´t hear us. So I repeated what I said and included that our message would help her in her life. She began talking about how she lost her son. She was crying up a storm. She left to go get something (pictures) and Sister D filled me in with the rest. Turns out her son died from this rare disease that only 8 people have ever had. He was a really good person, never smoke or drank. She was really mad at God for taking away her son. She then came back, showed us pictures. She kept talking and I had no clue what to say. It came into my mind to ask her if she believed that she would see her son again. I felt really really strongly that I needed to ask her that. It was a very strong impression from the spirit. So I asked her the question. I am not 100% sure what she said but I think she said something to the affects of, I just want to see him for one minute. So we asked if we could go in and share a message. She said yes and we went in. We sat in her kitchen and she just talked up a strom. Sister D and I just listened. Sis D shared a message from OLdeM and then I felt impressed to talk about Jane. So I talked about what happened and how my parents turned to God and the scriptures and received comfort that way. We invited her to church and she said yes. She said that she loved our church and thought it was beautiful. Sadly she didn´t show but we have another compromisso this week with her. 

That night we also taught Zeila (the woman who showed up to church). We invited her son to come listen to our message as well. We talked about 2 Néfi 32. It was really good and he seemed really interested. He came to church yesterday which is a miracle because he has a hernia and it is really uncomfortable for him to sit for longer than 10 minutes. Sis D promised him that if he came, he would have no pain. Well he came and he stayed the whole time! He has accepted a baptismal date for next week and hopefully his ma will be baptized! 

Also we dropped Vera and haven´t seen her for 2 weeks. She texted a member yesterday in the morning and told them to tell us that she wants to be baptized! Miracle! 

Then last Friday I was with Sis J. We had gone to Campo Magro but had an appt. that night in a different part of our area. Our compromisso feel through and we were walking away. Sis J said let´s try this house so we clapped and this woman came out and said we could share a message. She was SO interested. She was just eating everything up! It was really neat. She smiled when I shared the first vision. She said she would try to be at church but she wasn´t there. The only problem is her husband. He wasn´t there at first but came later and he was really cold. It was weird. 

So yeah, we had some really good teaching experiences! Plus our numbers were great this week. We got 27 referencias! And 15 new gators! 

We had a conference of the mission this week. It was really good! Sis D translated some for me and I was able to understand Presidente Monteiro. I really love my mission a lot. I am feeling so happy! I can´t believe how fast it is flying by! I have less than a year left!! AHHHHHHHH 

Oh minha nossa I love being a missionary! This decision to go was the best decision I have made in my life. I think it was both the quickest and best. Well actually, I had been thinking about it before but the decision to leave when I did was quick! 

Anyways, familia! I love you! Miss you! Pray for you!! 

Have a great week!!! 

Com amor, 

Sister Cropper