Monday, December 16, 2013

"If you're not baptized tomorrow, you will go to Hell!" -- Sister Cropper: December 16

Ok novamente, 

Hello there my family, 

So this past week was great, we worked our little behinds off and had another MILAGRE (MIRACLE)!!!!! 

SO we had a baptism yesterday. It wasn´t Janete or Paulo. (Actually we cut them because they weren´t progressing and it was really sad) 

It was actually someone that neither Sister A or I taught. It was a friend of a recent convert in our ward that has been coming to church for 5 weeks now. We pass by the RC´s house every Sunday and Sister Alves said that if she was there again, we would baptize her today. Well low and behold she was there, Sister Alves did her magic and she said she wanted to be baptized. That was some thing Sister Alves and I were not expecting but the Lord always knows who is ready, not us. 

So we had 30 lessons this past week. That is really good for us, we worked really hard. Last wednesday we didn´t work because we had our chirstmas conference. That is why we were all wearing red and stuff. It was really fun but super weird because we didn´t work at all that day. We had a spiritual part in the beginning and then had lunch and had some fun activities in the afternoon. It was all the way in Curitiba which is 2 hours away so we didn´t get back till 8:45 at night. It was really fun to see people from my district and my past companions here. 

Sister A and I have a competition going with how many people we talk to on the street. Last week was really good (we talked to like 300 people last week) but sadly i lost :( The prize is McDonalds. (by the way, McDonald's sucks here but my companion likes it, their ice cream is good though) So I am buying McDonald's today. 

So it was really sad with janete this last week. She totally dropped us. She decided to wanted to stay with her pastor than have a prophet in her life. 

Paulo we eventually had to drop. We met with last monday with our bishop. He had some doubts but we resolved them and told him he needed to read the BOM again. So he called us on our way back on wendesday from Curitiba and said that he finished the BOM! ALL OF IT. We met with him last friday with our bishop again and he had some questions about how jacob in the bible could kill laban but nefi in the book of mormon killed laban as well. He had some other doubts as well that I had never heard an investigator have. It was hilarious!!! But we resolved them and he said that he would be baptized after he knew that this church was true. We invited him to pray friday night and promised him that God would respond. Well saturday before lunch, he called us and said he wanted to have us over for lunch and that he had a crazy dream. So we went over there but he had started drinking and it just wasn´t like what we thought was going to happen. He kept bringing up all the doubts he had before and it was just impossible. We told him that if he didn´t go to church the next day, we weren´t going to return. He wasn´t there yesterday so we cut him. It was sad but had to happen. So the subject line is from this last saturday when my companion lost all patience with paulo and said that. She is a little bit fiesty. She bosses me around and I have been out way longer than her! I just boss her right back. 

So some crazy changes in my mission: 

- we don´t have language study or training anymore (my mission president wants us to work so we leave our house at 10 am and don´t come back till 9 at night)
- we can baptize people even if them have a problem with smoking or drinking (my mission president authorized this that if a person has these problems they can still be baptized because after they revceive the gift of the holy ghost, it will be easier to stop) 

Just a few of the things my mission president does. 

Anyways, I am really good. Really super happy. I really love my mission a lot and I am so grateful to be here. I don´t like thinking whta it would be like or what I would be like without my mission. I have learned so much. 

Family: one thing that would help me a lot is if you guys would stop talking about me coming home or what I will be doing in a year from now or something. I still have 9 months left but it is really hard when you guys talk about that stuff because I think of home. I´m not mad and you don´t need to apologize but it would help!! 

Love you family and I will talk you all next week wednesday for 40 minutes at 3:00 pm my time!!! 

Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - December 16

SO literally the funniest thing happened this week. Elder Fraser from Argentina (literally the coolest missionary ever) He’s new in the mission but he’s so chill. He’s super tall, like insanely tall and looks like an American. Well, we had two baptismal interviews this week so we were waiting in the chapel while they were being interviewed. Elder Fraser was playing around with the piano playing songs and such. Well every piano in Chile is electric and they all have different sounds they can make like organ, guitar,jazz stuff like that. Well we realized that there’s a demo which plays an example song for every single different sound mode. Elder Fraser started messing with them and got to the grand piano one which was the stupid, gaggy, deep song that sounded like it was from a church movie in the 80s (of course i would say something like that I’m a missionary and all we have are church movies from the 80s) anyways he began to do this monologue with this song. Oh my goodness I was crying I was laughing so hard. It went something like this. It’s better in Spanish

“Hi I’m Peter.
One day my friends and I went to this party. We entered the house and I saw that they were playing ping pong, the spirit told me that I shouldn't play but I did it anyways. And now I’m paying for my sins.”

Oh my--it was literally the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Later he did one about the book of mormon or something and then in the end being in jail. Ugh they were just these totally bogus stories which was why they were so funny.

This week was good we had a baptism yesterday which is always a wonderful thing. I did absolutely nothing with the ordinance which is how i like it. I prefer that the ward does everything. It’s better that way because the missionaries always go but the ward members always stay. 

We have changes this week which I’m a little anxious for. I told the mission nurse about my anxiety issue this last friday she gave me some advice. Last friday we had a really special mission conference with president and a member of the 7th quorum of the seventy elder from Chile. He was really cool and a good teacher. He liked to move up and down the aisles and ask missionaries specific questions. He was reading a lot from the bible old testament so it was a little hard for me to understand. The assistants stayed in our apartment that night.  

We are doing really well in the zone. There has been a lot of growth and I’m really excited about it. Hahaha I talk about growth so much i sound like Dad talking about genesis. September we had 3 baptisms 5 in october 7 in november and we already have 6 for december and we still have 2 weeks left. WE have 5 dates for baptisim in the zone and they are all solid and will get baptised with the exception of maybe one. Im excited to see if we can pass 10 this month. We are currently leading the mission right now so im happy about that. I see a change in the zone there is just a ton more faith and we aree fasting a lot more. one time a week minimum.

So let me tell you guys about La Serena. I live in an apartment like 8 blocks from the ocean. I am 8 blocks from one of the more touristy sites in all of chile its called El Faro or the lighthouse in english. Its just a really cool lighthouse in chile. Were going to start running to it every morning tomorrow. La Serena is a pretty nice city--I’d say there are like 300,00 people that live here. We walk everywhere which is just the way it is in my mission, The only elders who have cars are the office elders and they share it. Sometimes we take what’s called a colectivo. It’s basically a taxi but it has a set route. They do have taxis but they are super expensive. It is super hot here. Well to me it is, but the worst thing is the sun. It just beats down everyday--ughhh I’m not a sun person. What else do you want to know about La Serena. Ohh the sweater thing yeah that’s big in the mission because the rule was just recently changed that we can wear them It’s always cold in the morning in La Serena and always cloudy so in the morning you can wear sweaters but at 2 every single day the clouds are gone and it gets hot. My apartment is very nice. I’m spoiled. It’s probably one of the nicest in the mission. 

I will talk with you guys the 25 i think around 4 your time ( 6 my time i don’t know if that means 4 your time) anyways i will email you one more time before then this next Monday.

Love ya guys!


Elder Cropper

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sister Cropper - December 2

Hello minha familia. 

Wow. So this week was good but crazy ut good. So I am finishing the training of a Sister that was already here. Her name is Sister A and she is from São Paulo, Barigui. She is good but it was definitely hard the first few days. I was really excited to go to Ponta Grossa because you can get a lot of baptisms and the work is a little easier and it is just way different from Curitiba. So I arrived and we worked the next day. My companion kept saying that we would work a lot and have a lot of baptisms but the first day was really hot and she was just walking really slow!!!! But we continued on. We had our tour of the mission this last thursday and it was really good but at the end, I saw my companion crying and talking with another Sister. I talked with her after and asked if she was okay and what was wrong but she said she was only crying because the sister had told a funny joke! She was totally lying but I knew she didn´t want to talk about it with me so I let it go. I tried talking with her during the day, asking her questions and working but she was so closed and I was just thinking in my head, "okay this will be a long transfer but I will work!" So finally friday, it was raining really hard all day and during the day, we needed to call Presidente for permission about this referencia we received. So she told me she needed to talk to him after I was done. So right when I finished, I handed her the phone and she started talking and crying with President that she didn´t have any motivation to work, she was worried about her family and all this other stuff. So Presidente said we needed to go back home and stay there and read the book of mormon, sing and pray. So okay, Presdiente will do that. So we stayed there the rest of the day. It was good and we talked. There was something else wrong with my companion but she didn´t want to tell me which I understand. So after friday, it was hard to work because she just didn´t have a lot of motivation. On Saturday, se called Presidente and told him she wanted to talk to him personally. SO we went there today. All the way to Curitiba, two hours! I woke up this morning at 4:45 am. But my companion is all good. WE are happy and will work really hard this week. She is absoltely hilarious and has a very strong personality. She tells people that if they aren´t baptized, they will burn in hell (she tells the nicely but still). WE actually were going to have a baptism yesterday but the dad (who is actually a less active!) said no and wouldn´t let him. He is ten years old and the poor little guy was crying about it but we will  baptize him and his sister this next sunday. Tem certeza. Actually his sister wants to serve a mission but she didn´t come to church this last sunday so we wil see! The church is really strong here and it is cool. Our bishop is pretty new but he wants us to work with the members a lot. I think this transfer will be really good. 

So thanks for all the letters! I received some more letters from you mom and a letter from Grandma. I also got that great devotional you sent me! Thank you!! 

I will buy a new camera this next week and I understand about Christmas. Also, I will be skyping (I am not 100% sure but I think so and I will have 1 hour). Mom you need to send me the recipe for cookies because I don´t remember. Chocolate chip cookies please. And ANNE, I would like a Christmas CD of Motab for christmas. 

Sorry, I don´t have a lot of time. I will write more next week but I am good! 

SAMUEL- Be happy. Don´t be so hard on youself. Minha nossa! You are a good missionary but I am sorry about your mission president. He sounds hard. 

Love you all, 

Sister Cropper 

dang im trying to think of something funny but i got nothing.....dang it.... Elder Cropper - December 2

Anyways tough week

Just talked to president and he sure let it rip. Well maybe not but i feel like he did.  First he cut me because i supposedly bought completos (hot dogs) with a missionary after 10, don’t know when that happened. anyways I really didn’t know what to say to him, and I told him that. he said if i thought of anything to tell him in my weekly letter. All i wrote about the situation was that I was grateful for what he said and that I would follow it. I decided i have nothing to say, i was being stupid, and i feel bad about things that are happening but they are situations that i caused. anyways, so thats what happened today.  President said at the end of the conversation,  I love you elder cropper. I feel pretty good about that, I just need to stop being dramatic and chill out a little more. 

anyways other then that things are fine i guess. Its hard with Elder H--but we’ve had some good talks, I think things are getting better. He’s just more of a follow missionary which means I need to rise up to the occasion and show the example but yeah. 

This week was a little frustrating because our numbers weren’t very good. But we recommitted to working hard and I think we’re going to see success from here on out. Our numbers were soo bad this week that out DL elder C called the assistants to let them know. Well i didnt approve of that, once again if Elder C has a problem he should come to us first and let us know, if we resist or do something stupid after that then go to the assistants. I worried about it because it was the second time he had called the assistants about us, once with Elder L and I and the other just a few days ago. So we prayed, held back the desire to call him right then and there and get angry, and instead showed love when we called him that night to get his daily update. We told him he was working hard and had our support, we told him we loved him and that we were on the same team. we also told him that if he ever felt like he needed to tell us something in regards to something we need to do better or change that he could. i think it worked out ok. I don’t like it when missionaries talk about other missionaries behind their backs, but I also realized that I do it too so I’ve decided to stop that. If other Elders are talking about another missionary in a poor way I will say nothing. 

Thanks for the advice fam you guys said lots of good things. I don’t want to be a problem for president. I think the things you guys wrote are correct and i need to follow them. 

love ya guys hope ya have a good week

Elder Cropper

Sister Cropper - November 25

Woah! Wow, do I have news for you guys! 

So after being here for only 3 months, I will be transferred tomorrow to a new area AND I will train. What is God thinking?! I´m not ready!! Well na verdade (actually) I am but still. Holy cow. Like Elder Cropper said when he was called as a district leader after training, I will be an oxen putting one foot in front of the other. But I really do feel at peace with things, I am not really nervous. I just hope that my next area is really new (hopefully we will have an old area of Elders) because if we have an area that was already occupied, we will have agua and other appliances but if not hello crackers for breakfast!

So this last week was a lot better than the previous. I was sick on monday and tuesday. Monday night I had a fever of 101.8 degrees!!! AH! So I took some medicine and slept after we arrived home at 9:30 pm. Then the next morning, I woke up still feeling sick and checked my temp. I had a little fever of 100.4 so we stayed in the house and I slept. After sleeping for a couple of hours, I woke up (around 12:00) and we called Sister Monteiro. She wanted me to go to the doctor so we had to go all the way over to the hospital just to find out I had a bad cold! But the doctor gave me some medicine and it was good because the medicine did help me! 

So yeah, that was the beginning of my week. I was still feeling something missing and I didn´t know what it was! BUT I finally figured it out and I finally feel the same way that I did when I was in Ohio. What I was missing was faith, miracles, and the Spirit! So Saturday, we were doing our normal thing and I studied about faith all this past week because we have a mission tour this week também (also) and they want us to study ether 12 EVERY DAY. So this last week I was thinking about what I was doing in Ohio and here that was different. I figured out that my work wasn´t different but that my faith was. I relied so much more on prayer and the spirit in estados unidos than I was here. I think it was different because I was focusing so much on the language and also we don´t pray as much (which I hate!). In estados unidos, when we tracted a new street or were going into a lesson, we also began with prayer but because here we don´t have a car and it is a little strange to pray on the street, we don´t do it. 
So saturday, I decided I needed to exercise more faith. So Saturday, after we had called some pesquisadoras during the day, we were having trouble because people weren´t keeping commitments, weren´t interested anymore, etc. So I turned to my companion and said, we need to pray right NOW because I know we have people in this area who are ready but we don´t know who they are or where but we are here right now so let´s talk to the Lord. So we prayed right on the street and it was really good! After we were walking to an appt and while we were walking this little girl came up to us and asked us what we were doing. We explained and asked if we could share a message with her family (our appt fell through) So we walked over to where she lived, her family was busy but they said that they would come to church and the mom said she would wait for us the next morning! So miracle! Guidance! Finally! 

So yeah, things are better and I feel a lot better. This week will be really interesting. I am excited to start a new area. I like new beginnings. 

Okay so I am out of time but thanks for your emails and love!! 

Mom- yes my mission is completely different than I thought. I had no expectations before hand because I really didn´t know all that I would be doing. 

Family have fun at Disneyworld without me!! I love you all and have a great week! 


Sister Cropper 

New World? Does it talk about King Kong? Elder Cropper - November 25

Dear Family:
So this week’s quote again comes from Elder R from Argentina. We were together friday because our two companions were in Viña for the New Zone Leaders training meeting. We were talking about the Jdubs (testigos de Jehovah) which there are a lot of in south america. We were talking about their bible or the thing which they call a bible even though its not. Their holy book is called the new world translation or something like that. Elder R said New world Translation?! What does it even talk about, King Kong?! haha it was really funny--we all laughed. 

Anyways sorry I dont have a ton of time to write today. Elder H and I had to send all the informes (documents or whatever formes thats the word) today and I had to teach how to do all of it. Well it turns out Elder H isn’t very good with computers so I kind of had to help him a lot. The Elders in the Office always do a really crappy job of letting us know when we have to do the informes. annoying. 

Anyways, thats whats going on. we had a cool day yesterday we put two baptismal dates. Its with a referral from a member. the man assisted church and is like a baptism in the bag. When I meet him he looked really familiar. Felt like he’s one of the people I need to baptize. 

so because of time i didn’t read your emails, well a little bit of dad’s but that’s it. I took pictures of them and I’ll read them today. just so ya know family i was planning on skypeing for christmas. I just kinda like it better. 

We had 7 baptisms in the zone this month. That made me happy, as of now we are tied for 2nd place. The last time La serena had 7 baptisms was in july. we had 3 september, 5 october, and 7 november. I’m liking the growth. 

Love ya guys. 

Elder Cropper