Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sister Cropper - February 10, 2014

Hello family! Thank you for all of the lovely letters. 

This last week was really good. We had a really good week and we got a lot done. We found a lot of people that were interested and that are golden. We had three people at church yesterday! We will have three baptisms probably this next week so that will be really good. Our investigators really liked church which makes me happy. 

So the meaning of the subject line is from this last week when we were working! So something funny about Brasil is that there are always random horses walking around in the towns. Especially where we live. So there was this one horse eating grass in front of this house and this little boy was outside yelling, get out of here horse! I thought it was really funny and something unique to Brasil. 

So this week I focused a lot on listening to the spirit. One thing that has been hard for me is to start lessons sometimes. I ask people questions to get to know them better but I get nervous knowing if I should teach the first lesson, sabbath day, third or second lesson. My companion told me that she felt that I wasn´t listening to the spirit. So that is something I really focused on this last week and it was a lot better. We taught in more unity and people were more receptive. I am grateful for Sister A because she helps me realize things that I don´t. Sometimes it is hard for me to hear but I drink a glass of humility and learn! So we taught a lot better this week and I could feel the spirit guiding us in how we were to teach. 

I am super excited for this next week because it will be really good and we have a lot of people we need to visit and teach! 

Dad- Good luck this week and I hope that all goes well and you enjoy the olympics! 

Mom- Good luck on your thesis! You can do it! 

Anne- Thanks for the letter! I love hearing about your lives! 

Everyone! I love you all and I hope your week will be great! 

Sister Cropper (Sorry this letter is really short!) 

Elder Cropper - February 10, 2014

Sam´s Outline of the week:

So i had a pretty good week. We moved to our new house last monday which was super nice. Having a nice house is key to Elder Cropper’s happiness in the mission. If the house is not stable Elder Cropper is not stable. Well he can be but it because a distracting factor. WE worked pretty hard, actually we worked really hard probably the hardest ive ever worked in my whole mission so that was a great thing. The missionary i am right now is the best ive ever been in my whole mission hands down at my peak as of right now. Now i dont want to say my peak because im still growing but i could feel a reason why president sent me to this place and i think its this. Get back to the missionary work part of missionary work. 

Sam and his house:

We live in a small house in the middle of our sector in the city of Olmué which is wonderful. We now have hot water which really actually works well. The best of any hot water system ive ever had in the mission.Our house only has 2 rooms. One for sleeping and the other for....other stuff. Oh and the bathroom. So a bedroom and bathroom and a living room. We eat what we buy we just cant cook stuff unless its a microwave thing because we dont have a stove or an oven. We have a fridge so thats nice. Not having a kitchen doesnt really bother me, plus they are going to build one soon. 

Funny thing happened on monday when we moved in. Well first the water wasn't working so we had to fix that, the owners were there helping us with some tech guy. Anyways, so after we did that and they left i started getting ready to go out and work. I began to iron my shirt and everything when i put the iron down to turn my shirt over to the other side. I accidentally touched my arm to the metal part of the iron and was shocked. Now were not talking a little shock people were talking like volts going through my body into the ground. I kind of made this weird scream noise and fell to the ground (kind of, i mean i caught myself) It was pretty crazy i mean i could really feel the whole current go through my arm, my torso, my leg, and then go out into the ground. Anyways turns out our electricity isn't grounded in our house hahaha, and i had the current from the wires go through my body. Anyways i was confused what was going on, if the problem was with me or the iron or the house. So what did we do to figure it out!? we had Elder M touch the iron! now Elder M wasn't shocked we soon realized because he was wearing his rubber sandals (there’s the physics lesson for ya) anyways so thats when i realized that it was probably something with the house. Anyways long story short we told the owners they felt bad and told me i could have died lol, and then the company came to fix it. good stuff add that one to the mission story book.

Sam the District Leader

I love teaching in distrcit meetings. I try to make it a spiritual experince everytime. I like to teach them the doctrine, not little tricks that we can do as missionaries to teach this thing or that thing better. Being a DL there isint quite as much pressure. My ZLs litteraly leave me alone and dont call me much which i think is a bad call. My district did the best in the zone this last week which made me happy. Means were doing something right. 

Sam the trainer

Elder M is golden. He will be assistant someday he just needs to be a little more.....forceful. He doesn't push the issue or stand for his side. Thats good but ya need some of that in the mission.

I make sure to tell him hes doing good a lot. I also try to teach him about both being a missionary, and what the mission is like and how it works. 

Sam the Son

Im starting to miss my family, dont really know why. It started a lot last night and hasn't really gone away. I think im just tired. It doesn't effect my work but it does make me think about home. I think ive just been reminded this week of funny things that happened before i left, for example. At lunch one yesterday one of the members was cutting a water melon which made me think of that funny time when we smelt a horrible smell in the kitchen and mom lifted up the watermelon that was sitting there to wipe the counter and the water melon like exploded on her, the counter, and the floor. I just remember the surprised ohhh sound that mom always makes when things like that happens. We fasted a lot this week and i always get home sick when i fast. I usually think a lot about family and food, its kind of funny actually.

Sam the missionary

Im worrying about baptising. Ya just never know where its gonna come from and there is always so much pressure to baptise ( especailly when Satan comes in and starts saying things like “Hey Elder Cropper you need to baptise a lot here so that president thinks your a good missionary.”. ugh how annoying) The trick is to not think like that. anyways we had 5 people come to sacrament meeting one has a date for baptism. but she is moving to bolivia this week. So we will see.   

Sam the son of God

We had a cool zone activity today. Our ZLs organized with a member of the stake presidency who is like a motivational speaker to give us a training session. It was actually pretty good. It helped me remember my potential as a son of god, and that challenges in the mission are such small issues. He made a cool comment about faith. We all thought faith was walking in the dark towards the light in the distance at the end of the tunnel. But faith really is walking in the dark tunnel without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but hoping that it will be there. I feel that way about missionary work. Theres not light at the end of the tunnel, we just keep working hard until boom, one day at the right moment and the right time you find someone, or in other words you arrive at the end of the tunnel and the light really was there. 

Those are my thoughts for this week. Hope you all have a good week.

Mom- how did grandma’s surgery go? Tell her i got her letters and the comic was the best one ive received yet. I also got your letter about the fox song thing you sent to me. 

Dad- Enjoy the olympics! I make the goal then to be the best district in the mission and best district leader. The game with the letters wasn't MY game it was just a game we played at an FHE, it was a members idea and he actually shared the lesson, we were just there and participated. Crazy how busy your life is, dont know how ya do it.

Love ya,

Sister Cropper - February 3, 2014

Hello family! AH I am 21! Em portuguese- Tenho 21 anos! 

So hello all. I had a good birthday yesterday! I saw Sister Collins and she gave me a big hug and some chocolate and your package mom! Ma I loved all the stuff. I really like the skirts and the dress is really cute. I actually haven´t tried the stuff on yet but I will. I am wearing the shirt right now and I really like. It is super cute. So my birthday was good. The other sisters in my district made me a cake! My companion was a brat and didn´t say happy birthday to me until last night after we said our last prayer before bed. She told me saturday she wasn´t going to do anything for my birthday. Fine with me you brat face I don´t want anything from you anyways! Haha I wish I could´ve said that but I can´t. 

So yeah, Brother Collins took a video of Sister Collins and I talking. It is really boring sorry but it is cool because you can see us talking in portuguese. Also I gave a little message to you guys on the video but it is really nothing special. It was neat to see them and it is was really nice because she gave me a little present.

Ma, love the jewelry you sent as well and Dad thank you so much for the chocolate! Also I finally got the package with the shoes and the chirstmas package! We had a mission conference again this last week and I got 4 packages and a letter from Mom. Holy Cow!! Thank you co much! It was great to get the stuff. And mom, I love the little hearts, I have them with me right now!

So this last week was good. We had an activity last thursday and it was really good! It was a night of tortes and everyone was suppose to bring a torte and we had a competition. We had a lot of members and non-members there and we shared a message about prophets. It went really well and we got some references from it as well. 

Sister A and I found some really prepared people this last week. Especially Saturday and yesterday. It was frustrating because we dind´t have anyone at church but we will have faith this week adn try for a baptism. 

It is neat when we are trying to find people and how much faith you have to exercise and listening to the Spirit. So we were knocking on doors yesterday and my companion asked specifically in our prayer that we would have lessons with people that are elect and prepared. So that is what happened. We were walking and I saw a house and felt we should knock there. A woman came to the window and I asked if we could share a message. She didn´t say anything but put her hand up to say wait but she didn´t look interested. Well she came out and said yes! And it was great. We learned that her son died a year ago and so we shared the second lesson. It was really good. 

So yeah, things are good. I am happy. I still have troubles with my companion sometimes but I really am not letting the little things get to me. I am learning a lot more patience and love and kind thoughts. Sometimes she is rude but I just don´t let her rudeness get to me. I remember that in the final judgement God will be the judge and will deal with her. 

Family! Thank you so much for the happy birthdays and the packages and love! I am so grateful for all of you and I am thankful for the prayers! I am so grateful I decided to go on a mission. I can´t believe I am on the later end of my mission. It has flown by but I am grateful I chose to go on a mission. I miss you family, especially during this time of mom´s birthday and our birthdays but I love you all very much! 

Have a great week! 

Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - February 3, 2014

Hello family! Hows it going, im doing very well thank you. Thanks for all the birthday happiness, joy, and fun wishes that you sent. It was a pretty, normal, but still fun day. 

So updates.

I am now serving in the area of Olmué, Chile. I serve in the Zone of Villa Alemana (if you remember i started my mission in Villa Alemana East zone) Well now im in the zone right next to it. 

So if a missionary who knows nothing specific about Chile opens up his letter and it says he is going there he probably thinks of dirt floors, no cars, no hot water, no stores, in the middle of nowhere, with a ton of scorpians and deadly spiders every whwere right. Well i will shoot that down right now because Chile is nothing like that.


My sector here in Olmué is everything like that haha. I live in a house 30 min walking from where the town is that we work, its in the middle of nowhere. My first night a killed 3 scorpions of all different shapes and sizes. I also killed like 5 spiders one of them im sure being the deadly Chilean Rincon which if it bites you will kill you in 2 hours. Our neighbor said it was a Rincon so thats how i know. We have no kitchen so i cant cook, and we have no hot water, so i shower every morning with the other type. Usually we have cats in our house ever time we wake up which is always fun. I haven't seen any more scorpions but when we come home every nigt before we plan we usually make a round killing a few spiders. it is like seriously the most crazy experience i have ever had, and i thought living in the BYU idaho dorms was hard because they didn't open the cafeteria on Sundays.

Anyways long story short family we have actually moved to a new house, we moved today actually. Our new house is in the center of the town, has hot water ( we will see), still no kitchen but ahh whatever. and best of all no spiders or scorpions so i wont die in my sleep now lol.

My companion is Elder M from Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s from Sandy. He has a twin brother (identical) who is serving his mission in Toronto Canada speaking Spanish, and a sister who is serving in Arequipa peru. He is 18 and a half basically, and just a ball of enthusiasm. He took Spanish for 5 years before his mission so he speaks pretty well, but we still work on some things. he has one month in the mission so i am training him. I am also the DL which is always an added challenge. My Zone leaders are Elder N  and Elder. Elder N was one of my DLs when i was a ZL so we kind of flipped flopped. The nice thing about having been a ZL before and having my ZLs already know it is that they leave me alone and have a lot of trust in me because they know i know how it is and what im doing. I like having that trust. 

I was not very disappointed when the assistants called to make me a DL and a trainer. I had prayed that God would do with me what he wanted, what would be best. So i said to myself, “well changes are done with inspiration so if this is where God wants me how am i going to complain about that.” Like mom said, or maybe it was dad i just decided to be a great DL. Actually the goal i set was to be the DL that i always wanted as a ZL. I didn't want to set the goal of being the best DL in the mission because i feel thats a little cocky. I mean the scriptures do say. 

 And whosoever awill be chief among you, let him be yourbservant:

So i gather from that that, yeah, i can try to be the best, but to be the best you just gotta serve and think about others. So thats my goal serve the district, try to baptise, work hard, train Elder M well, and work hard some more, oh and make my new little house that we have an awesome place to live. i always like doing that. I would however like to know why president moved me. if i need to like focus on anything. But i have a feeling that if i ask him he will say something i don't want to hear, or more likely say, “i don't know Elder Cropper i just felt like i needed too.”

I felt happy yesterday because Elder N, the ZL called me asking me for good news in the District because the other 2 districts didnt have anything this week, specifically, they didn't have baptismal dates. Well our district had 2 so i gave him the good news for that. I felt good making him feel better.

This last week has been a little crazy because we’ve lost a lot of time walking to our pension and also taking care of pension issues. But now we are in the new house and we can really start things going. 

WIth Elder M I usually just help him with his way he teaches and explains. He speaks well and everything so now the only thing he needs help with is fine tuning his teaching and contacts. 

Elder M’s old companion was one of the ZL’s that I have now. This is the second time i am replacing this missionary in a sector (the last time was with Elder H when i went to Viña del Mar to be a district leader) Elder H had been taught some things wrong, and Elder M as well. Only a few thought nothing tooooooooooo bad. But its ok because we are all settled out. Made me loose trust a little in my ZL though. But just got to get over that one, he doesn't need a district leader who doesn't have trust in him he needs a district leader who will work hard and follow his council.

I wasn't the only interesting change in position in the mission. President changed one of his assistants out of nowhere. Elder W is now just a normal missionary, and Elder R is the new assistant (he was the old ZL in this zone) Maybe thats why i got sent here was to help Elder N who only has one transfer cycle as a Zone leader and Elder H who is totally a new zone leader. Elder W got sent to open an old sector by himself. President gave him 500 dollars and a mini missionary and he went and opened it again. lol super crazy. Just shows you that the work is more important then the leadership.

So i feel pretty old being 21 which is different. Im an old man lol. I can now drink which is like a huge blessing because ive been waiting for years to do that legally. Thought id start here in the mission.

We had a FHE with some members last night and they threw me a little party for my birthday so that was really nice, i spent my birthday well.

By the way mom and Dad just like mary i as well loved those little heart things you guys sent. In my opinion they look exacly like you guys and they really just make me smile every time i see them on my desk, thanks for that.

We played a game yesterday at the FHE, well it wasn't really a game more of a thing to go with the lesson. We had to imagine that we were having this awesome day in the mountains with our family, and we find a cool cave or something that we want to explore. Well we go in and the cave starts to collapse and not all of us get out. Actually everyone except one person in your family. Our assignment was to write a short note to that person which we would then slip through a crack underneath the rocks as like a last goodbye (because supposedly the person was gonna die) Well-- I for one, i hate things like that, but i did it anyways. I thought it was interesting how almost everyone choose someone who was with them being their friend not someone in their family, and almost none of them wrote about the gospel. only things like we are going to try to save you, i love you, you lived a good live. Some wrote things about trusting in Christ and things like that, but very few wrote about the celestial kingdom and the plan of salvation and things like that. anyways I choose that It was Dad who had gotten left behind (dont know why) and I thought i would share the note i wrote.


I love you. Thanks for always being such a great father and working so hard. Look at your family and all of your children who are active in the gospel, I think that shows your dedication as a father. We will see each other again in the celestial kingdom where we will live as a family for time and all eternity. Good job dad, you did everything right. 

Love your son,


well I got a little teary writing that. Anyways the point of the FHE was that we needed to be more grateful to our family members and tell them that we love them more because we never know what could happen.

So that being said I wasn't to tell you all that I love each and everyone one of you. Thank you for all of your letters that you send me everyweek and all of the prayers that I know are said for me. 

anyways thats my letter ill talk to yo guys next week.


Elder Cropper

Sister Cropper - January 27, 2014

Hello family!
Thank you for all your wonderful letters! I am definitely doing about 100% better. Thanks to you guys and Heavenly Father and Sister D(my companion in my first area here who helps me a lot), I feel a lot better and happier.
Things are going better. I don´t let the little things that bothered me before get to me. And I am being strong like I need to be! I am feeling a lot a lot better. There are still things that happen sometimes but I just let it go and stay happy. I am here to work and be on a mission, and I don´t want to let what happens or how my companion treats me affect the work.
This last week was good but I always feel like we can work harder. But we had another baptism and it was great! It was the mother of the guy (Marcos) who was baptized last Sunday. Dilce is her name. We stopped by their house last tuesday and she gave us bread and tea. (Which remember, it is like 95 degrees here and so tea is not really something I want right now but I had to drink it)
Anyways, so we stopped by and she asked us about tithing. After we explained, she told us that she thought our church was more true than others! So we taught the first lesson and felt we should invite her to be baptized and she said yes! So we had a baptism yesterday with two others from the other sisters in our area. This week we want to have another baptism but it will be a little hard because we don´t have any really solid possibilities but that is why we have miracles!
So we will see what happens. Last week we found two new investigators that are really prepared and seemed interested but they didn´t go to church. I was a little bummed about that.
I am trying to get back to my teaching and how it was in the States so I am studying a lot more of the lessons. One thing that has been hard for me is not feeling myself with Portuguese. Because I don´t know all the words, I am a lot more quiet in Portuguese which I hate! Because I like to be silly and talk but it is harder in Portuguese. That is a new goal I have ;)
Anyways, I am feeling better and happier. I just want to make the best of my time here and not let other people get me down. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!
I cannot believe you guys were at the BEACH! That is praia in Portuguese. I am extremely jealous! Oh something I wanted to tell you guys about was what we eat here in Brasil for lunch. One sunday this is what we had:
- Chicken
- Rice
- Beans
- Potato salad 
- Salad
- Farofa - a grain that we put on our beans
- Gaurana- a drink here
- and a dessert of this flan kind of a thing
We eat a lot here but it is crazy because I have lost weight! I have lost about 15 lbs on my mission. Let´s just say I am very happy because other people are gaining. I have absolutlely no clue what I have done but I will keep doing because I am losing weight. 

Family, love you all!

Sister Cropper

Elder Cropper - January 27, 2014

Whats up!!! pretty crazy week, well every week is crazy--i mean--its the mish we’re talking about here people--i mean come on!


The state of chile is a little interesting right now. There are issues with Chile and Peru (the border) a world organization called in Spanish La Haya i think it would probably just be HAYA in english (they are holding the conference in orlando) will decide to whom the land goes. I haven’t seen very much of the news but its like 70 km of land with sea. If it stays with chile they say everything will be fine but if it goes to Peru then the people here say chile will go to war. The Chilean navy and army are all stationed where the ......front? oh border is so we will see what happens. Today is the announcement for who wins. 

Its pretty hot here but I’m used to it. Lots of tourists here from Argentina and other parts of Chile. La Serena is one of the most touristy places in South America and Chile. 


Some crazy things happened yesterday. It all started last Thursday in lunch when one of the ZLs in the other zone in La Serena called me to ask if I could go to the bus terminal to pick up two tickets (the bus terminal is very close to where we work) it turns out that the secretary of the mission called Elder B and told him he needed to go get two tickets which were in the bus terminal. Elder B thinking it would faster if i went because their zone is super far from the bus terminal called me to have me do it. Well this was wrong because president told him to do it. So I told Elder B to stop being stupid (not really), and to go get the tickets himself like president wanted. Anyways he went and did that. They told us the tickets (or bus to which the tickets applied) was scheduled to leave sunday night. This meant to missionaries were leaving for the south that night.

Anyways so this knowledge just kind of stewed between us for a couple of days until sunday night when we received a call from president. I couldn't answer it right then so i called him back, didn't answer me but i then received a call from Elder B wanting to coordinate having us go to the bus terminal in the night to pick up a missionary whose companion was going home that night. He told me that the plan was that the companionless missionary from their zone (because his companion would be suddenly going home that night) would then stay with the soon to be companionless missionary in our zone whose companion was also going home that night. 

Now this surprised Elder H and i--like what! someone from our zone is getting sent home... I tried calling president back again but he didn't answer so i called Elder B back and asked him if president had said to him if a missionary from our zone was also going home. He said “wellllll no he just said the second ticket applied to another missionary from La Serena but in the other zone” (insert eye roles, ugh Elder B running his mouth and getting caught up in situations) Anyways so we went for the rest of our day until president called us again but Elder H didn't leave the room fast enough (we were in a lesson) to answer it so we continued to play phone tag with the president. I really didn't get it--he would call us and then we would call right back and he wouldn't answer. anyways--It was funny because we then decided that the elder who was getting sent home was Peruvian and that Elder P, from our zone, was getting sent home too because Peru was going to go to war with Chile. Haha--not true but it was a good guess.

While in another lesson the assistants called us, once again Elder H left. The assistants only wanted to know about the zone numbers but Elder H  asked about why president was calling. They told us that a missionary from our zone was being sent to Viña. Well the keyword was missionary but they used it in the feminine form in Spanish so we then were notified that it was a sister in our zone. Elder H drew is own conclusions that she was getting sent home because he had heard from the assistants that she had left her interview with president crying. Anyways whatever. we continued calling president but he never answered, so the assistants just told us what president wanted to tell us in the first place, that a specific sister in our zone would be going to Viña so we needed to organize a ride for her and be there to see her off stuff like that. So i spent an hour doing that last night which was just a hassle. The companion of the sister who was leaving needed to stay with the other sister missionaries who then thought i was joking when i told them that we would pass by in the night to drop off the sister so she could stay with them a couple days. In the end everything worked out. It was just annoying to have to coordinate with president (who in the end called us and just basically cut us for i don't even know what, i just know i hung up the phone after and just felt bad hahaha), and the assistants. It was like the assistants wanted to do this, the sister had already coordinated a ride but it was a plan that didn't follow the instructions of the assistants. It was just a big ball of blahh. To many people flapping their mouths and too many rumors going around. Im getting tired of telling this story so ill just tell you what i learned.

It was cool because it was my first time (in a church situation) where i had been given confidential information and i needed to fix and organize a situation but couldn't tell people why or break confidence. Now im not a very good secret keeper--i mean--i talk with everyone about everything, well not totally, but you got me; so it was cool to have that experience and need to keep confidence. In the end i think i did ok. at least the assistants said i handled the situation wonderfully. Writing about it doesn't make me feel like it was that big of a situation, but on the phone last night while i was coordinating things for an hour it did. 

the zone ended the month ok. we ended with 3 baptisms, 4 others fell through. One zone baptized 16 people this month--what an amazing thing-- thats like an active whole relief society right there. The northern half of the mission 5 zones didn't do very well in baptisms compared to the southern half of the zone. I don't really know why. Always interesting to see things like that. 


We had a baptism!!!!!!!!!!!

That brings the big number to 11 which makes me super happy because that means im right on track for my goal of a baptism every month. 11 months (hit that mark today) and 11 baptisms. This week is change week so it always affects the work a little all because of the attitude. I would be fine to stay but id like to go. I would at least like a new comp. Elder H is good but he has changing obedience and is a little hard to deal with. Kind of a snotty little brat some times just with his attitude. Thinks he’s always right and doesn't say anything when he’s wrong (i really struggle with that, if your wrong you gotta say it). Anyways, so i think its time for Elder Cropper to leave La Serena. Love the city, love the ward, and the members but im ready to test the waters elsewhere. Its nice to start somewhere new because you can make new first impressions and stuff like that. I don't really care if i go as a leader or not. Not something that really bothers me right now. 

I was a little bummed because that family we found couldn't come to church this last week but i don't see the need to write more about them to you guys because i might be gone from this area in 2 days. 

Elder Cropper: Feelings

I feel good. Ready to leave my sector if i need to, more ready to change companions. A little tired maybe because we had to get up at 2 in the morning to take missionaries to the bus terminal. We went and ate pizza at Pizza Hut with the other Elders in our ward today so that was fun. I think we will go home after computers and ill take a nap. I think focusing on the mission more and not my responsibilities helps me feel more happy. I like being happier.

Dad: Thank you for your advice once again it was wonderful and something that i will focus on this week. Being virtious gives you power. It says in the scriptures that those who are pure of heart see god. Pure of heart with more study leads you to the word virtue. The pure in heart have the power of god. i would like to be more pure in heart. It also says in the scriptures that whoever would like to be the greatest among us will be our servent, so thats where charity comes in. I will be sure to focus on these things this week. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! how old are ya 22, 23 24. Actually i hate jokes like that i think people should be proud of their age no matter what it is. I always liked that you were proud of your age and well as to my knowledge didn't mind telling people. anyways i hope you have a great birthday tomorrow. ill be sure to give a great big hug to Elder H in your name yuck yuck hardyharharhar

Love your new way to organize your letters by the way. That was a deep thought about the sacrament and how we need to take it every week. Makes no sense that the Catholics then only take it once a year. Crazies.  I think your a wonderful person too. 

Mary: Keep on trekkin capn kirk hahahaha. 

Anne and Michael: read your scriptures and say your prayers every night as a family. If your already doing that good job if not, repent, be baptized, and do it hahaha

Well my time as come to a close. hope you all have a smashing week. 

I Love you guys,
Elder Cropper

Elder Cropper - January 21, 2014

Well hello my dearest family. I think i spelled dearest wrong, if only i had spellcheck to spellcheck that.

Well good week, lots of...emotion. 

We had interviews with the president yesterday. I was more nervous for my interview than......a nervous person. anyways, i said like 2 prayers asking for my interview to go well and for president not to say mean things to me haha. And my pray was answered. 

I talked with president about 3 things.

first thing, How can i avoid the wave that i see in my mission.

To explain what that means i feel a surge of excitement one day, that day and most likely for 3 more days im like as obedient as......and obedient person lol. But then as a companionship we mess up, we do something wrong and we start to fall. We continue to fall until we get to rock bottom, having reached rock bottom we feel bad, repent and start to climb again. Repeat cycle next week.

So i asked "president, how can i avoid this thing.” 

He laughed and then said to me and i quote “Elder Cropper welcome to life. “Anyways he's got a point. He told me that what i struggle with is normal. He said if there was someone in the world that had the answer of how not to go up and down in emotions, he said that person would be amazing.

the second thing i asked him was how could i do better avoiding temptation. 

He told me I need to study more. What happened was sometimes we need to schedule lesson for the hours of study time because the people cant meet with us any other time. Well after finishing the lesson we have then already passed the hours of study so we just go out and work. We had applied this rule in any situation that conflicted with study time. He told me that we always needed to come back and study (knew it) he said i just needed to keep going. He quoted 1 Cor 10:13 which is a great scripture. 

The last thing was i expressed my feelings of feeling that he is mad or disappointed with me. 

He said he wasn't at all and that It was probably some subconscious thing telling me i was mad or disappointed with myself (i agree)

I told him i wanted to be a good missionary to which he responded “but Elder Cropper you are a good missionary.” He said i was doing the things right but needed to just keep going. And then he told me he loved me and gave me a hug--so good interview. It was funny because during the part when we talked about temptation he asked me what he could do to help me. I told him. I wanted God to come down from heaven and tell me that my sins had been forgiven haha. He laughed and said that wouldn't be possible but obviously with the sacrament every week we can receive that answer.

 he gave such simple answers which was the part that surprised me. He just gave the answers i had already known. 

anyways great interview, saw president how i needed to seem him, loved that he told me i was doing the right things but that i just needed to endure to the end.

Afterwords we had interchanges with the assistants. Now interchanges with assistants are difficult sometimes because every single Zl knows that the assistants are there to just correct you and tell you what you are doing wrong. So its not something I really look forward to. The assistants actually stayed the night in our apartment for 2 nights. All they would talk about was being an assistant or correcting people. I think there was a lot of pride going around on all sides us and the assistants. It gets more difficult to listen to what the assistants have to say when they literally have almost the same time as you. but they are the leaders and they have a hard job but someone’s gotta do it so we support them. I only clashed a little in the end with something Elder W told me which i really didn't like. He said us, “Guys i remember when La Serena was like the best zone in the mission, when everyone wanted to go there to serve. I think we need to bring La Serena back to where it was a year and a half ago........ughhhhhhh.”

I told Elder W that had always been my goal and i felt that we had been making great improvement in becoming what we used to be a year and a half ago. I think Elder W realized he had offended me but it was like “Uh Duh, Elder you basically just told me that all the things I’ve tried to do these last 6 months have all sucked and we need to throw it all out. Why does president tell me im doing everything great Elder W and then you tell Elder H and I that we need to be better in this, this, this, this, and this.” It was worse when Elder S the other assistant met up with us after having done an interchange with one of our district leaders and his companion. He told us that he had cut them in a bunch of stuff that they were doing long. I just don't get it--why do you delight in cutting people? This is a missionary who wants to do what is right and is trying, you do not cut him you correct him. Sorry that should take some explaining. Many missionaries use the word to cut in spanish in place of to correct. Cortar no correjir. anyways we don't cut people, we correct them with love when the spirit tells us to. DC 121 vs 43. these are not wicked sons of men they are missionaries of god. 

ugh sheesh

Anyways cool stories of the week

Were gonna baptise again!

this was a miracle. we have an investigator named sofia, her sister got baptised in october by Elder L and I. Well sofia has wanted to get baptised for a long time but hasn't had permission from her mother. Well we decided to make a second push for the permision and the mom gave it, 180 degree flip people it was awesome--i was soo stoked. 

other cool story is that we found a family. It was a reference from Ovalle (other zone of missionaries) it was actually from a  member. We have taught them twice and will teach them again today. Their names are Jose (Joseph) and Luz (light). They have been married a year and found each other on the internet. Jose works for the government and Luz is from Colombia. Anyways they both came to church the last week which was awesome. I realized that members like to make friends with families more than individual people. Other times we have had single members assist and get baptised but the members didn’t do much, but with a family it changes. Anyways super happy with those to miracles this week. President asked us to start praying to find families. The motto of our mission is "to convert families" Well i didn’t really do that before i just prayed to find new investigators, but i finally humbled myself and started doing it and bam got a family. pretty cool.

Well that was my week. By the way thats for being pactient with the letter. We changed our pday from monday to tuesday because of interviews. I forgot to let you guys know. 

Love ya all hope you have a great week.

Elder Cropper