Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Elder Cropper at the MTC

Elder Cropper #3

Hey everyone!
so Mary is doing good. We actually meet in the same building just down the hall from each other, so we see each other multiple times a day. I am actually in a computer lab just across from here room right now and shes laughing it up haha. She said she doesnt have P-day till Tuesday which I dont beileve because all new missionaries have P-day on Saturday their first week but whatever. She just told me she just got done teaching her first lesson in portuguese today. She said it went well so hurray for Mary! I spoke some spanish to her and her mouth was wide open. I mean all I did was share my testimony. She will be in my building for another week and then she will move back to the portuguese building. Its being remodeled right now and will be finished next week. Because that building is being remodeled there are a bunch of random language districts everywhere. We have portuguese (Mary's zone) down the hall. 2 italian districts across the hall from us, and some districts speaking philipino somewhere else on our floor. This is the spanish building people. Its all good though I like having Mary in my same building. I am doing well. My spanish is supposedly progressing very well. I dont think I am the best speaker in the class that award goes to elder mitchell our DL, but I do think I am the best teacher in the class (in both english and spanish) One of my teachers interviewed us all yesterday. In my interview with him he told me that he has really seen my grasp with the language take off these last couple of weeks. He told me that Elder Sheerwood and I are the farthest progressing comnpanionship in regards to teaching our two investigators out of the whole district. This boosted my confidence because I had been feeling down about my teaching and speaking ability this last week. This last Sunday one of the hermanas wasent feeling well so she asked for a blessing after Sunday devotional. While we were walking back the spirit told me that she was going to ask me to pray so i told my companion i needed to go to the bathroom. I went into the single bathroom on our floor and said a quick floor that whoever was asked to give the blessing would have the spirit with them and say the things to best help the hermana. She did in fact ask me to seal the anointing and offer a blessing. I really felt the spirit during the blessing and obviously it helped her feel more comfort about her mission and help her know she shouldn't worry about the things that were bothering her (her knee) because she was in tears afterwards. I was asked to speak in church this last sunday and bless the sacrament in spanish so that was cool. Oh all talks are given in spanish during church, I spoke on the book of mormon and shared a quote about it from PMG (Preach My Gospel Manual). I thought I did well. What else, hmmmmm. Thanks for the book Anne and Michael I got it yesterday. One of the sisters in my district has the same book and she says she uses it every day. I love my district well all get along pretty well. This Tuesday's devotional speaker was Elder Whiting from the Seventy. He spoke about having the spirit with us at all times which was helpful to me not because I have trouble feeling the spirit but because I have trouble sometimes feeling the promptings from the spirit. Ok Mary just came in and told me to tell you guys to send her her blanket, her brown boots or shoes or something, and mints. Anyways, Sunday's devotional speaker was the director of the missionary department from the church. I don't have my notes with me so I don't remember his name, and actually I don't remmber what he spoke on. Oh wait yes i do he spoke on goals and what we want to be after our missions. He also spoke on turning our will to the will of god. It was a good talk I also remmber him being really funny. Thank you mother for the correction on Fidel Castro dying, as you can see rumors go around like crazy here. Most of the rumors here are who's coming for devotional. Last week on Sunday people thought it was President Uchtdorff and this last Tuesday the rumor was that Elder Holland was coming because his granddaughter is here at the MTC. The funny thing is we always beileve the rumors and with all the rumors there is supporting evidence of why they person really is gonna be here. The rumor for this Sunday is that a GA is coming because of Easter, and I think its really gonna happen. This week I have focused on being more diligent in class and during study time. I think it has really paid off. Heavenly Father sends down blessings and miracles to missionaries who are 100% obedient. OHH i gotta tell you guys about my work out stuff. So ive lost like 8 pounds (no joke i weighed myself) my pants are starting to now fit me some I may go have the people here take them in for me. Everyday I got to the gym, bike like 7 miles, and then lift weights for the rest of the time. I have also focused on eating better and not so much. Holy cow Mary is such a loud laugher. Well thats my week! hope you are all doing well. Anne and Michael you are out of my will because you didnt write me letters this week, but you did send me that book so your back in. Thanks for the letters Mom and Dad. I look forward to hearing from you next week.
Elder Cropper     

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  1. Sam, I love how real you are! I'm so glad that you are really exercising your faith by taking things to the Lord. I haven't written any letters yet, but don't be surprised if I do. :) Take care and continue to be obedient. I used to tell my son that simple obedience would bring him blessings on his mission. I truly believe that. Keep doing your best!