Monday, June 10, 2013

Elder Cropper: June 10

Dear Family:
Thanks for the letters! This week was good I guess. I wrote last week that we had crazy goals, well the crazy goals did the trick because we worked super hard but sadly we did not hit all of our goals. We have 6 lessons with members but only 3 other lessons which is stupid! Other lessons are lessons without a member by the way. I think we had more lessons with member this week because bringing a member with us is something we can control. Other lessons is something we can't control because that is dependent on other people 1. being there 2. people letting us in their house to teach them. We took out the trash with lessons with menos activos though. Again because that is something we can control because we have a list of like 300 so if one isn't there we try the next one. Our goal was 15 and we got 15. The Standard of Excellence in the mission for one week is 10. We hit our goal in contacts which was awesome. Everything else we were close to the goal but we didn't hit it. This week however was one of our best weeks. For this week we made goals that are a little more getable...i don't know if that is a word. Anyways for example in our best weeks we have gotten 6 lessons with a member present, but this week our goal is 7. Tricky but we can do it at the same time. 

We had 3 interviews for baptism yesterday. Paula, her son Diego who is 14, and a man named José. Paula passed and so did José but Diego did not. Elder Alverez our zone leader says he doesn't have a testimony and that he feels like his mom just wants him to get baptized so he will be with the rest of his family. He also told Elder Alverez that Paula, his mom, only wants to get baptised because her husband was. Needless to say we are going to work and focus on Diego a little more this week. After the zone leaders were done interviewing Jose they told him that he needed to pick someone to baptise him and he picked me! ahhhhh so this next sunday i am going to baptise someone in Spanish. cool stuff.

I am excited for this week. This Wednesday we have zone meeting and those are always fun. The week after that we have a zone conference in Villa Alemana centro (center of villa alemana) in their stake center with our zone Villa Alemana West and Villa Alemana zone. The awesome thing is president is gonna be there!!!! President was in our chapel in las Americas last night which is insane because that never happens ever. Turns out our stake president invited him to a meeting. Sadly Elder Powner and I did not get to see him because we were showing Jose around the church and president left while we were doing that. bummer.... 

I am losing insane amounts of weight. So much that I am starting to notice it. The main place that I have lost it is in my face, I think. My pants really don't fit me-- like they curl up when I tighten my belt but it's all good. I lose so much weight now that I just don't care about eating. Like I eat healthy so I have strength but if a member wants to give us some cake we eat it and then go to another house where a member gives us cake I wouldn't turn it down.

Mom and Dad you guys are busy! And you are doing such nice things for the ward. How are you guys just not dead, like all the time. Good job nice people keep on keepin on!


Thanks for the quote. I like it and its actually something I have thought about before (like that concept) Its really the best thing you can do because then you wake up in the morning and say ok yesterday i was nervous to do this, scared to do that or i did this wrong but its a new day and Im gonna start over. 

Elder Powner and I do fight a good amount. The lastest one was about the phone. I had the phone because I was looking at the calender on it to write down dates in my planner and Elder Powner asked me for the phone back. I asked him if I could have the phone today to practice talking on it and anwsering calls. He said no that he needed to have it because he was the district leader, and I asked him where in the crap in the missionary handbook does it say the district leader needs to have the phone. I feel like he pulls these district leader rules out of nowhere. I liked what Elder Sachez told me about mission rules last week he said that 1. we're not living the Law of Moses here. and 2. making up rules that aren't in the mission handbook is wrong. I feel like Elder Powner makes up a lot of rules. If I could have it my way Elder Powner and I would just sit down and talk each rule out and decide what do to do as a companionship, not just him saying how it is and me blindly obeying. Elder Powner likes to blindly obey and I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. Nonetheless Elder Powner is the senior companion and I always need to be more obedient to what he says, and believe it or not, I am making progress. For example during exercises this morning I had just finished an exercise and was resting for a minute when Elder Powner said "Vamos Elder!" which means, "lets go Elder." I hate it when he does this! Can I please just run my exercises on my own and not be corrected in every single thing I do. ugh. Anyways thats what I thought in my head but I just told him ok and started doing a different exercise. Sorr--I was just doing a little bit of a vent session there. Like I said earlier i always need to obey Elder Powner more and i try every week to do that I make progressionn--I'm just not perfect yet.


By the way I havent gotton mail in like a month and a half so maybe my camera thing did come afterall. We will see Wednesday

Love ya!

Elder Cropper


Mom I studied your topic in proverbs. Under your sentance you have one word that is linked to the word humility. I looked up a ton of scriptures onhumility  so if you want them just ask. I will share one because its one of my favorite scriptures. D&C 67:10  ugh love it! 

Ciao! Adios! Les amo!

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