Monday, June 10, 2013

Elder Cropper: June 3

Dear Family:
Oh crazy week. The worked stunk, like we basically did in a week what we should have done in 3 days with some things, pero todo esta bien porque fijamos metas locas para esta semana no como metas un poquito loco, mas como muy loco por ejemplo usualmente teníamos seis lecciones con miembros, pero esta semana nuestro meta es ocho. Este es solamente un ejemplo. oh lo siento estaba hablando en español porque estoy un poquito cansado yo voy a hablar en ingles ahora. Anyways what I basiically said was that we set a bunch of new crazy goals for this week. Well really I set a bunch of crazy goals for this week and my conpanion agreed to do them.  Good example, of one of the new goals is, 15 lessons with Menos activos or less actives. The standard of excilence is 10 in our mission but I don't care. I prayed about it and felt like 15 was the number so were gonna do 15....BAM! Or another example is 8 Books of Mormon given out this week. The standard of excelance (I dont know how to spell that word..) anyways its 7 in our mission, one a day, but were going to give out 8 which is funny because we dont even have 8 to give out. we have like 4, but who cares because we are gonna do it. anyways...

So this week was crazy. Last Monday it rained like a mother. We finished shopping at around 3 and were on the bus home and it was raining so bad that water was coming over the steps to get on ther bus. I guess this wouldnt be called raining, more like medium amounts of flooding. Anyways it wasent bad at our apartment because we are at the top of a hill. We ate avocado and tuna for lunch my new favorite food (Mom your probably gonna tell me its constipating so i await your reply) After that we made a chess board! and played chess, ate food all while it was raining out side, good day. Tuesday we had interchanges and I was with Elder Lopez. We didnt work very much because I had my docters appointment for athsma in Viña. We left at around 1. go to the mission office at 1:45. It was cool to see president and my picture hanging up on the wall with all of the other missionaries. After we got a sheet I needed we went to the mall and got burger king (chill) and then went to the docters appointment. It was a women docter who didnt speak any english but it was really fun. She like gave me every single athsma  medicne known to man. I now have both a inhaler for emergencies and a long term one. my athsma is now a 100 percent better no issues here now. After that we booked it to the train station, and got an Icecream because Elder Lopez Insisted )it was awesome) and then went back to his area to work. We had a few lessons that night but it was kind of slow because of the rain. It was nice to go to Viña and see it again. I loved seeing the ocean and eating the good food. The only casualty was my awesome umbrela. I was actually in the process of showing Elder Lopez how awesome it was when one part just ripped. I am going to see if I can sew it back togeather today because it was a really good one. Every other day was normal except Friday. We had interchanges again but this was because all of the district leaders in the mission had a training meeting in Viña so I was with Elder Sanchez the companion of the other district leader in our zone. Elder Sanchez is a beast. He is from Utah and speaks both english and spanish which is awesome. I really liked being with him. Something coolo that happened at the meeting that Elder Powner was at was that it turns out Elder Powner and I Had the most Baptisms in the mission for the month of May kinda cool. No we just need to raise the bar and get even more! 

Elder Powner and I are doing well but we fight a lot. I always think hes got a lot of pride about being district leader and he knows better then everyone, oh and that he is the only person who has the anwser. He gets frustrated with me because he thinks I have pride and dont want to obey his every whim. In reallity were both right so lots of work to be done.

Investigators are doing good. We have 3 baptism dates which is good but we need more. We need like one more really progressing investigator for me to be happy, but thats funny because thats what I say every week and then we get one and Im still not satisfied.

Your trip sounds amazing! I wish I could have been there with you guys. I cant wait tell you all come to see chile. Just this week I added something to the list of places we need to visit when Im done in 21 months. Oh by the way I have 3 months in the mission. Actually its a little more then 3 months. 

Mom dont worry about the charger thing I can wait. Well I need to go thats really all that happened this week. Thanks for your emails everyone. 

Mom good luck with all of the stuff you have to do

Dad go to sleep and good luck with your stuff too

Anne and Michael good luck with moving love you guys

Mary keep on keepin on sista! dont be afraid to slap your investigators, and by slap I mean slap them with the gospel!

Elder Cropper

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