Sunday, July 28, 2013

Elder Cropper - July 22

Dear Family:

So I took what you said to heart mom and Dad and decided to haver a little fun. i also decided that I was in the most touristy place in the mission and i needed to take advantage of that. So right after we left computers last week we went across the street to a flea market to look around. I bought a cool little change purse thing that a lot of missonaries use. After that we called the zone leaders and went with the to Ruby Tuesdays! super crazy, I had a filet migon or whatever which i havent eaten in forever and I had that dessert thing i loved (which I took a picture of) it was amazing. They don't cook meat well in Chile and they don't have dessert like that. Dessert here is fruity things--they don't like sweet. After that we did our shopping and went back home. Today we are going to eat at a place named Waton or something like that (I dont know how to spell it), but it means like "fat" or "gut" or something like that in Spanish. They sell huge hamburgers. Then after that we are going to the famous art museum in ViƱa. 

This last week was pretty good, we had zone conference last Wednesday so I got a break from doing meetings. I learned a lot of stuff I needed to do better though. We had intrerviews with the president Thursday which was awesome. I LOVE MY MISSION PRESIDENT. Thank you for loving your mission president dad because now I love my mission president. THe interviews were in our apartment so we spent Wednesday cleaning it. He walked in took a look at our apartment and said it was the cleanest apartment he had seen in the mission. THen later in my personal interview with him he said he walked in and immediatly felt the spirit. I felt good about that because that's what I was going for. Elder Haws had his interview, president said it was dumb that he did that but he's good now so end of story with that. During my interview, President asked me if there was anything he could do to help me, and I told him all I need is someone to tell me I'm doing a good job. President knows how to give compliments because he just gushed them out. He said Elder Cropper I wouldn't be lying if I told you that you are one of the best in the mission. He said my drive and desire to always do better are very unique. Answerer to prayer, made me feel better--bam! I have a District meeting this week and I think we will talk about having the spirit, and following the spirit.
The work is well. Our area needs more new investigators but were going to focus on tha this week. President asked me in my interview if we were going to baptise this change and I told him i didnt know and that ovbiously I lacked the faith in the area (he just smiled at me) anways we put two baptism dates yesterday! with twins! they are 10 years old and they are, "for sure" baptisms. After we put the dates with them I felt really good. If you are in a sector with baptismal dates no matter how bad your numbers are you still feel good because your going to have a baptism.
I am trying to relax a lot more. I have this insane drive that everyone comments on and that frankly, I've never seen myself have before. I think a lot of it comes from the anxiety thing. Every week one of my goals I make is be more awesome because i just want to be an awesome missionary. Elder Haws told me that was a little prideful so i will have to think about that I dont know. Anyways I digress, I have this crazy drive but im realizing that It burns me up a little sometimes because I dont have control over some things in the mission. So know im focusing on driving when i need to and being more relaxed when I need to. I think that's why I have Elder Haws because he's super relaxed.

Anyways that's All i got. I took a lot of time today to send pictures so I'll probably avoid that next week so I have more time to write. Good wee--no need to vent.
Love you all
Elder Cropper

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