Monday, July 15, 2013

Elder Cropper (who is getting thinner) - July 15th

Come Estan!!!!!!!!!!
So things this week just got better. I realized last week that my letter probably seemed like I didn't think I was going to make it through the week and I was walking to my death or something. Probably because that's how I felt. Its all good now, I'm just sitting here writing my family with 10 other missionaries, while eating my Super8 that I buy every Monday. This week was really good. I"ll go ahead and go through it.
In the 3 hours of work that we did that day (p day) we had 5 appointments set. That is something I have never seen before. Sadly, almost all of them fell through. We ended up only having 2 lessons that day but, eh, still good. we gave out 2 books as well which is good.
Busy day we have like 5 or 6 lessons which means we walked a lot. We found 2 news that day as well (new investigators).
We had the district meeting in the morning. I taught about getting refrences because that is something the people in our district never do. I showed a video and talked about refrences being the best way for us to find people. I also talked how we need to get our members excited about missionary work so we can do the things the prophet told us to do from the conference thing.
Nothing much happened this day. We had our branch mission work meeting which went well.
We had interchanges this day which was good because I needed to figure out why the Elders numbers had been so low. The ZLs called me Thursday and told me they stopped by their sector (to surprise them) and found them playing basketball. They told me they had handled it and that they were just calling to advise me. They told me on interchanges I should just act like I didnt know (whatever). Elder H and Elder F were in our area and they took out the trash--something like 3 books and 2 new investigators. Elder L was sick while I was in his area so we didn't start working till 6 because of that. At 6 I woke him up from his sick nap thing and told him we were going out to work. I actually found that he was pretty animated about the work. The only reason he told me that they've been having low numbers is because of him being sick. I dont know.
For the next district meeting  next week (because this week we have zone meeting), I'm thinking about doing interviews with them. Elder M, one of the ZLs told me it was a good idea and something he had done once when he was DL. I just want to get to the bottom of it and figure out whats up.
Normal day of work. Had a cool spiritual experience though. It was 9 oclock and we still hadn't given out any books, which is a goal and as DL I need to give out books everyday. Elder H didn't know where to go and I didn't either, so I decided that we should pray and ask where we needed to go to place books. After the prayer I looked up and felt like we needed to go to a certain house on the corner but I just put it out of my head saying it probably wasn't where we needed to go. Elder H went to a house where he felt impressed but the people were very short with us. I then followed him across the street to a house right next to a members house where we ended up placing a book with a kid. I don't know if Elder H felt inspired to go to that house but none the less he went there and we placed a book. We still had time before we needed to go back so I decided that we should go visit some non-progressing investigators. After thinking about this I really felt (spirit) that it would just be a waste of time and that I really just needed to go contact that house on the corner where I felt like I should go right after the prayer. We went and did it and ended up talking to a man who lived there who has two daughters that are members in Santiago. He said he only believed in the Bible but I asked him if he would read a part of the BoM and he said he would. I ended up leaving him with a chapter to read in the bible and the BoM. · Nephi chapter 13 and Matthew chapter 5 (they are the same). None the less, good spiritual experience. It's interesting how soft the Spirit speaks, a feeling and thats it.
Church which went well. We had on investigator attend Church with us but he's not married so he can't get baptized until that happens.
Anyways so that was my week. This week like I said we have zone meeting and we have interviews with President on Friday. Elder H never had that interview with President because President canceled, but he will have it on Friday so all is good.
gotta go im 4 min over ahhhhh
Love you all
Elder Cropper

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