Monday, July 1, 2013

Elder Cropper - July 1st

Hey family! 

Thanks for the letters! 

Good week we had a baptism!!!! Paula the wife of Antonio the man who was baptised a month ago go baptised, and I performed the ordinance! in Spanish! and I didnt mess up! Answer to prayer, people, phew. 

Awesome stuff so the number is now at 5. 5 people that Elder Cropper has helped into the kingdom of God. Or better yet, begin the journy towards the kingdom of God because we learn in 2 nephi 31:17 that baptism is the gate by which we should enter, good stuff--love it.

So we have changes this week, so I might be writing to you guys from a different spot in the mission next week. If I had a choice I would serve in Valparaiso. Elder B served there for awhile and he loved it. Its the most touristy place in the mission which was cool. Anyways I would love to serve there but we will see. The zone leaders played a joke on me a pretended like they had the change information today instead of wednesday. They said to me on the phone. "Elder Cropper You are...staying......close to my heart.....because your going!!!!" and then they said they were just kidding. Usually they will just say your going or your staying like that phrase in Spanish but sometimes its fun to mess with people. Another good one that they say is. "Elder you are pack the things of your companion because he is leaving!" Anyways all jokes I dont know if Im leaving or staying but I will wednesday.

Mary- You rock, love you, your the best sister missionary in the world. When in doubt testify. If someone anwsers back to your "families are forever" thing just testify, and don't be afraid to cut them which basically means ask the things mom and dad gave you, but when I don't know what to do I testify. No one can argue with it and the spirt comes
--so yeah. you rock!

Ok well i got to go Love you guys and I will talk to you next week. 


Elder Cropper

Rockin it in Chile!

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